Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stupidity revisited

The first thing you need to do is study this piece of paper carefully. I call it a "piece of paper" since, at the moment, that's really all it is.
First of all, to me cheques are a bit of a silly thing. They're kind of like getting a note from someone's Mom, and they're really not much good if you can't do anything with them. Certainly not until you get it to a bank that knows what to do with it.
See, it's not so much the notion of living in a foreign country that's the onerous part. It's the "support" that one is supposed to get as some sort of compensation for the perceived hardship.
Have you had a good look at the cheque? It was in last Friday's mail. I thought I would simply run it up to the bank, since I was on my way to the market anyway, until of course I realised it's in Canadian Funds. Yup...that's "Canadian Dollar" right next to the amount.
Apparently the good ole boys back there in Wilmington, DE haven't heard of a thing called Europe, or the currency that is presently used in many parts thereof...or direct deposit for that matter.
Just a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Supposedly drawn on a Canadian Bank....but then why cr*p would you send it to the Netherlands?? Not only that, but the notion of having our medical coverage handled by some chimp in Wilmington, DE sort of sends a bit of a chill up my spine.
There's more out there somewhere, since there was another portion that was to be issued in Euros that was supposed to end up Europe. Seems there was silence on the other end of the phone when that question was asked.


As it stands this piece of paper will now have to be sent back to our house in Canada, and our daughter will have to go out of her way to take to our bank.
While of course it's only €.95 for postage (that's about a buck and a half btw) it's also the aggravation of even having to do that that makes me grit my teeth.

On a positive note, just think how boring this ole blog would be if there weren't as many stupid people out there?

I guess I really should be thankful.

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