Monday, February 2, 2009

I feel like Heidi

But I promise not to yodel.


And I don't have enough hair for braided pig tails. But other than that, totally.

I'm going to try and sqeeze in a few words here before I have to get my act together and check out of the hotel.
So I'll only be uploading a few pics I'm afraid and that might be it.

We got in to Morges (Switzerland) Saturday afternoon around 4:30 or so, and found the hotel after circling the town a couple times. Since most of these places have tiny streets, they've made Morges into a series of one way streets, so if you're not sure or miss your turn, you need to take a little drive.

The hotel is right on the waterfront, so the view can be not too shabby.

I figured if I took enough of those, I'd like one or two of them at least.
There's a little marina just outside of the hotel as well. Seems they're able to keep the boats in the water year round, since the weather is typically mild enough that getting snow at this elevation is quite rare.
Of course, since we were coming to town, we woke up Sunday morning to snow...
What's with that? The danged snow seems to follow us around Yurp like some sort of curse.

This will be an alarmingly short post, but hey....there will be more.

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