Monday, February 9, 2009

Not done yet.

With winter that is.

Mind you, I'm not complaining. It's still possible to ride a bike, and Gabe and I went out yesterday afternoon for a little tool around Delden. Unfortunately we were at the tail end of the best part of the day, and the snow started to come down in those big wet snotty gobs, at a time when we were just far enough from home to get us soaked by the time we got back.


Didn't think I wanted to do that again this morning, since the gobs were back for a time. It hasn't completely cleared up, and it's not going to, but at least I was able to wait it out before heading out to the stores.
Also, if I can believe the weather forecast from the BBC, we should be getting the tail end of more snot tomorrow. Sorry, did I mean to say "snow"? Guess that was a bit of a slip.
One of the abiding qualities that I've learned to develop is patience. Not only when it comes to things like the weather, but also for those moments of zen that one gets to experience when forced to shop with all the rest of the chimps from the village.
Case in point; this morning I thought it would be the polite thing to do to let this one little old lady go in front of me (plus, she had a six pack of Heineken, and I realised it was once again on back I went to the beer isle) which would have been all fine and dandy, 'cept when she went to pay....she realised she hadn't brought her money with her. She wasn't even all that old....really. I mean, I check on certain things before I head out on the bike like;

Is there anything in my teeth?

Is my fly done up?

Do I have money?

Things like that.

I should also mention that, at this point in time, making sure I have reading glasses is also on the mental list.

Thank God I still have all of my own teeth.

Well, most of them.

On the other hand, it was also one of those rare moments when I hadn't yet unloaded my little shopping basket and was beckoned to the next check-out by the head cashier. That almost never happens.

Speaking of the little shopping baskets, I've always been an ardent practitioner of the "commando" style of shopping where, if it doesn't fit in the basket, you don't need it.....and that's even when shopping by car. In this present domestic situation, the filling of the basket also represents the filling of the saddle bag on the bike. Even if there were such a critter as Costco, I don't know how the hell I'd carry home one of those bales of toilet paper, or a three year supply of dish soap.
I've been known to go out a second time (the horror!) if I felt that there was a need to stock up on a particular item.

Libations come to mind.

In that case, I'll head for the other grocery store in town, just to add a little variety to the mix and not give the impression that I'm some coffee addled shopaholic.

I had originally planned on uploading a video that we had shot down in Switzerland. However, it seems to have taken an awfully long time, and then the browser "encountered a problem" and had to shut down.
I might try again later.
Meanwhile, best to get this posted before much else happens.


...much later...

Well, I fell for it again....I naïvely thought I could upload a video to Blogger. I had forgot that, unless the video is around nine seconds long, that could take most of the afternoon.
That's pretty much what happened. Not only that, my web browser "encountered a problem" and had to shut down.
And yes, I do realise that I just repeated myself, but I'm leaving it in...because that earlier bit was actually hours ago. So there.

And... fine, I'll just have to resort to my Blip tv account, which is what I should have done in the first place.
So here's a snippet of video that I shot while driving through one of the many Swiss tunnels on our way back from Morges last week.

here's the tunnel

There were more, but in spite of the fact that I was doing the driving and the videotaping, I was still able to have a steadier hand than my travelling companion. Not sure what to do with those.
I'm thinking along the lines of the "delete" function.
Don't tell her.

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