Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It’s been a busy few days.

And I suppose I could inundate you with 150 or so pictures of sailboats,  but we won’t go there.

The Bronte Rocks Regatta is pretty much the only weekend sailing that I sign up for, which means being on the water from around 10 in the morning until well into the afternoon.  Like, four or so.

I find that typically, getting a weekend pass is quite difficult,  and as it was,  there was a big party to get myself to on the Saturday,  and I didn’t stick around for very long after Sunday’s races either.  I think on that occasion,  I was just too flippin’ tired.  And I have the lacerations to prove it.

Now that it seems that I’m the resident Foredeck Dude,  that also comes with a couple bumps and scrapes from time to time.  Especially Sunday,  since it was just windy enough to make it interesting.

Gybing the spinnaker pole when it’s blowing much more than about 10 knots can be well….interesting.



Oh look,  all those boats are almost tipped over.


Which is probably why Travelling Companion has never had the slightest interest in sailing. 

Oh well.

You wouldn’t get me on a roller coaster for love nor money,  but the wind can just be honkin’  and that’s just fun.

Seems a bit odd, I realise.  Possibly some sort of mental instability.

I was just now trying to find a fairly brief description of a spinnaker gybe (or “jibe” if you prefer) and the best one might be this one.  I gave up on Youtube videos.   There were at least a couple were they didn’t really impress me too much.

And yes, it looks complicated, and I suppose at first it does seem that way.  No more than doing a brake job on a 69 Chevelle.  Just takes practise.


I think that’s all I got for today.   We did have our customary ‘last drink of the summer’ at the pub last night.  We convened early in response to the sad sacks who had to go to work this morning.  We used to convene at about 11:00 p.m. for one drink,  but instead met up at seven.   Kind of sucky la-la if you ask me,  but whatever.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll make mention of my “workplace” this morning. 

It was fun.  Really.

I think the humidity is dropping.  Yay me.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Never raced with a spinnaker, I know they can be dicey. The last America's Cup the races I saw, seems they do without spinnakers on those souped up Cat's. Just didn't seem the same to me,

  2. Sounds like a busy one for you and fun times. Glad you enjoyed now take it easy for a bit, maybe?

  3. I come from a long line of Portuguese men of the sea, but I grew up in the suburbs and don't know anything about sailing. My loss.

  4. Two of my sailboats came with spinnakers, but I put them ashore right away. They mostly have gotten me in trouble and likely to cause damage:) I do not mind sailing with them on someone else's boat, just not mine:)

  5. I never realized you were such a handy deck hand. Were you "impressed" into service or did you volunteer?

  6. I really love watching sailboats with their spinnakers flying but I'm not a boater so I've never experienced the real thing.

    Good end of summer tradition except here in B.C. where summer isn't ending for school's. Stupid government!!


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