Friday, September 5, 2014

So, are we lazy, or just stupid?

Each and every week when the garbage truck(s) are making their rounds, I do tend to be a bit of a Nosy Norah, and peer out to see just what they’re doing.

I mean,  they make enough noise.  It’s not like I have to make an effort.

Some sort of weakness I’m sure.  Or maybe I just want to see if they’re actually taking the crap I’ve put out there.

This week there was a fair amount of crap.  It was “bring out yer crap”  week,  along with the usual recycling and garden waste pick-up.  Plus of course,  actual garbage.

Many trips to the curb.  And it’s something I only do in the mornings,  since I have very little desire to clean up after some wayward racoon or coyote,  who might happen to smell something that’s too hard to resist in with our refuse.


What I expect,  is to see all the containers at least back on the grass,  even though stacking them would be a bonus.

But this:



…will never do.

I think I might have to make a call.  I totally “get it” if my recycling isn’t quite in the proper container.  I mean,  there are rules.  But here, the chimp has made the effort to empty the containers,  but somehow didn’t have enough strength left over to catch them with the toe of his boot and punt them back onto the grass?  I’m not asking for much.  Just give them a kick.

We do have a few cars go by from time to time.  Not too wise to leave them on the “carriageway”.


Anyway,  it’s been a bit of a hot one today,  but I did want to take down our old clothes line since the word is,  the boys will be coming Monday or Tuesday to start on the evestroughing, soffits and facia.   We’ve been patiently waiting.  But patience are wearing thin.



Where the clothes line once was mounted will be siding,  so it had to come down.  Plus,  it’s been up there for over twenty years,  and was starting to get a bit cantankerous.  Came off much easier than I had anticipated.

The jury is out as to whether any work will get started on Monday.  I don’t even want to go there.


Oh,  and look. The slightly smarter than a chimp fellow who did the recycling didn’t have any issues with putting everything back.




Not that difficult.  Yes, it was a hot day.  Just keep hydrated.  That’s all.  And you know,  don’t be a lazy jack-ass.


I guess that’s all I got.  Just some mumblings about incompetent people.  I wrote down the number of the truck.  Probably should have called earlier.  Most likely now I won’t bother.

I’ll be watching.


Storms a comin’.   Took some effort,  but I put the Merc in the garage.  Supposed to get hail.  Just as soon not pay that deductible.


Keep it between the ditches,  and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Noisy? Remember how loud they when trash cans were cans, and not plastic?

    But yeah, one little kick would do it.

  2. Here all along I thought it was the wind blowing the garbage cans over and rolling them around in the street... didn't think people were so lazy they couldn't bother to see them home safe. That's one thing about our lifestyle... no garbage cans... just put a bag in a Walmart parking lot trash container one a week or so and the job is done ;-)

  3. Lazy. It almost looked like hail in Ottawa during the football game tonight.

  4. When we had our house 7 years ago, it was the same thing! Obviously times haven't changed, they are still too lazy to put the cans on the grass.

  5. Some people just have no pride in their work, the recycle guy does though.

  6. We once lived next to an apartment building and the garbage truck would empty the dumpster at five in the morning. No going back to sleep after that racket.

  7. Here on the farm the garbage truck has to pull off the highway, drive up our driveway and then back up to the container. He always puts the container back neatly in place. I've gone out and visited with the guy, so maybe he's being nice. Then again, maybe that's the just the friendly country attitude.


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