Monday, September 8, 2014

So long Chrome, it’s been real.

I’ve had enough of your “Chrome is not responding”.  And the only solution is to either close the program,  or wait for it to what? wake up? 


When it gets so bad that the whole computer goes into fits? 

Well,  that’s enough of that.  It’s been a pretty solid working computer so far,  let’s not f**k that up,  shall we?

And yes,  some of you computer wizards are going to pipe up and say, “But Bob,  you can do this or that,  and your problem will be solved.”  

Um. No.  We’re done.  I shouldn’t have to *do* anything.

One of the solutions on line was to uninstall Chrome and then reinstall it.  Of course,  wanting to save all my Bookmarks Favourites (note spelling),  I figured I had better reload Firefox,  just for you know,  fun.  

And because I know I can’t do too darned much with IE.  I’m stuck with it,  but that’s my choice.  Didn’t buy a Mac, because I wanted a computer for four hundred dollars.  Not fourteen hundred.  So that’s why I’m stuck with IE.  BUT,  it would open and run,  even when Chrome was “not responding”.   Hm…


So then after having a look around Firefox (they’ve made some improvements) I just figured there was no point taking up with Chrome again.  I mean,  why?

There are a few little things that are different,  and I get that,  but the reason I had to go to Chrome in the first place,  was because there was some sort of glitch with blogger that Firefox wasn’t having any part of.  Seems they fixed that. 

Well now.  Thanks Mozilla! that was the only shortcoming.



Let me just give you a little analogy, using terms of reference that I can relate to.

See,  some twenty two years ago, I bought my table saw.  It came from the factory with the ability to cut square.  And I don’t just mean that the fence is parallel to the blade,  because that wouldn’t be right either. 

Some 10 years later, even though I probably didn’t need to, I took the table off the cabinet and gave it a complete overhaul.  Waxed the Trunnions, cleaned it all up, that kind of thing.  Then when I reattached the table to the cabinet,  I once again had to set the saw up so that it would not only cut parallel to the fence (it’s a Biesemeyer) but would also cut square.  The ability to cut square is important.

It has continued to do so ever since.  And I may or may not ever clean it again. 

It’ll still work like a charm.

No need for “updates”,  or going in and getting rid of some sort of “bloat ware”.    There aren’t even any “apps”.  The only application used,  is when I apply force to a sheet of plywood to make a cut.  It can be a dangerous application,  I do realise that,  but I have the proper guards in place.  And the strength of that particular “app” is directly related to how cheap I am when it comes to replacing or sharpening the blade.

Now compare that to a computer program.  What’s with all the updates?  Can’t you get it right the first time?  And if you don’t get the updates,  eventually that sucker is gonna die

Of course,  it’s not a life and death situation when it comes to computers.  You will live.  You just might be frustrated to no end.  Not like when you buy a vehicle,  for example.

See,  right about now, if I had a GM,  I’d be a little nervous,  what with all them thar recalls and such.   But hey, the last one of those was a pick-up that I leased,  and that sucker went right back when the lease was up.  Never did run right.  AND there was a recall when it was less than a year old.  That was my only trip to the Stealership.  They couldn’t tell me why it idled so rough either.  I think I had worked through the “stale gas”  that was supposedly the cause from when it was new.  Seriously.  That’s what the first place told me.   Sitting too long??  That’s why it idles like a POS? 


That,  and the tranny started to hesitate.  This thing barely had sixty thousand miles on the odometer.  Couldn’t go much over that.  It was a lease,  after all.

So back it went.  I’d wager it’s in a junk yard by now.



And yes,  we went out to race yesterday.  Trust me,  I have gobs more pictures of sailboats,  but I won’t upload but a tiny sampling.




Couldn’t resist a couple pics of this ‘99.

This is that last incarnation of a “C & C”,  even though it’s not really a C & C from the original two owners.   Long story.  Click the link.




Got a nice shot of the big boats starting first.




Our friend Mike on the Committee boat.   He sailed with us most Thursday nights.  There are times when one volunteers for these sorts of things.


Never fails.  Ready to round the mark and someone cuts in front. 


We made it anyway.  Didn’t have to call Rule 18.  Go ahead,  click on that one and try and decipher it.  I dares ya.



No comment.

Well,  except that we were trying to make that mark.


And of course,  it wouldn’t be a proper race course without at least one idiot fisherman who figures the very best place to drop anchor is in the middle of the course.


It’s a big lake.  I do get that.  And we can certainly sail around him.

But like I said.  It’s a big lake.





Along with that moment when you briefly wonder, “Who has right of way?”

Um, for the most part,  the windward boat has to give way.  But it sometimes also depends on which way he’s heading. And whether or not we’re on Starboard tack. And…

Oh, never mind.


That’s enough rambling/ranting for today.


Keep yer knives sharp.

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. If they ever perfect computers they're gonna sell a pile of 'em!

  2. Yep, I found my Chrome was a little bit rusty, too. IE seems to give me the least trouble, the lesser of all evils I guess.

    Remember when computers were supposed to make our lives easier? Bah, Humbug! :c)

  3. Yep, why can't they get it right the first time??? I am extremely anti Apple anything but over the years have acquired a couple Apple devices--one in particular, an Ipod to listen to books as I quilt. Received an update notice, updated and holy smokes, it deleted my entire music library! No more updates for me on anything--I will use it as is!!

  4. Whatever browser works for you is always the best choice - there are enough of them out there!

    For the record, the problem you're having sounds like an Adobe Flash Player issue. If you were to type about:plugins in the address bar and hit enter you'd see a list.

    There should only be 1 Adobe Flash plug-in listed that has "pepperflash" in the title - this is the Chrome embed.

    If there is a second Adobe Flash plugin it should be disabled.

  5. I am having problems on my laptop with Chrome crashing the computer. I suspect Rick is correct (he usually is) as the crash usually (always?) occurs when a video tries to load. I will try his fix before my Chrome follows yours into the trash heap.

  6. I have been using Chrome since it's birth on my PC, Now on my Mac for 5 years, no problem for me or Blogger.
    Gotta do what you gotta do.
    Like Rick said lotsa browsers out there.
    At least Tools and saws we can understand and fix.

  7. Things today just don't last like they did in the old days. Gee but don't I sound like an old fart?

  8. And why do they coming up with new Iphones? I guess I miss the whole point. I still have a cell phone, it calls out and calls in. It Texts and takes pictures, I suppose. It was buttons on it that I push to call a number. Can't understand all the commotion about any newest version from Apple.


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