Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So that was Phase Two.

Which is partly why I’ve been somewhat absent here in Blogland.  It happens.

Something to do with lack of discipline.   Either that,  or not having too darned much to say.

I didn’t head out with the sailing crew this past Sunday,  as it was the annual Terry Fox run.   There was some marginal hypothermia.  Not for the runners or walkers.  Just for the volunteers doing the registration and such.

No big deal.  It was nice and warm at the pub afterwards.


Anyhoodle,  we’ve now got our soffits,  facia and evestroughing sorted out.

We’ve kind of been waiting for this.  We signed the contract back on July 15th.  The weather has been less than stellar, but I still have the impression that too many jobs were taken on.  Just my impression.


There was some pretty nasty looking stuff that we took down. 

Um, *they* took down.  Let’s be clear.



Meanwhile,  I wanted to open up the soffits a bit more not only for ventilation,  but to run some conduit for the possibility of some cameras later on.  




The ventilation that had been there was woefully inadequate.



And you can see there was some nasty business when it came to the facia.  I decided I was quite capable of replacing the rotted out facia myself.  They wanted to charge something like $7.50 a linear foot. 

I don’t think so.



I just used some of the cedar that I’ve had hanging around for God knows how long.  Just happened to be the right width.



And yes,  they extruded the troughs on site.



Anyway,  I’ll spare you all the details.

Installer Dude did say he had been zapped on other occasions.



We were keeping a close eye on him.


I wouldn’t have been working that close to those wires,  that’s for sure.

Actually,  being up at the peak of the roof on a ladder?  

I think not.



So that’s that.

I spent a certain amount of time this morning putting the final copper finial on,  and trimming back the remaining facia to make it all work.

This place never came with an instruction manual.  I think it would have been a thick one.


Chances are the roof is going to get started this coming Monday.  

Fingers crossed.


Enjoy your week.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Do you have a completion date in mind? I can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. Looking good, but seems never ending, we don't miss the house at all either.

  3. And to think you actually enjoy this kind of stuff! There are people out there you can talk to to get over this strange mental condition... ;c)


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