Friday, September 26, 2014

Summer Weather.

It’s just too bad that we didn’t get more of it say,  back in the summer??

But I’ll take it.

The summer weather was less than ideal,  but it’s best we don’t rehash any of that.

A couple more jobs have been sorted out in the last several days. 

First of all, I figured I had better take one hard look at the chimney on Saturday,  which was right about at the point when I had just about given up on hearing from a Masonary Dude whom Travelling Companion had contacted. 

I guess I was getting a little fed up playing phone tag with various outfits,  so I very summarily left it up to her.

Well,  it didn’t take much convincing to realize that the entire chimney structure was basically pooched.  I’m pretty sure this goes back to a chimney fire that took place way back in the eighties at some point,  and that was likely the beginning of the end of the thing. 


The cap was in sad shape,  and ultimately water was able to get down into the structure from time to time. 



So,  a commitment was forthcoming from Masonry Dude to have a crew here first thing Monday morning,  and sure enough, they showed up right on schedule.

They spent the entire day,  like until well past quitting time,  since the mandate was to get it done all in one day.

Which is exactly what they did.



Honestly,  I haven’t gone up to inspect.  And there’s a good reason.

See,  when asked about when the new roof was going on,  my response was, “Any minute now.”

The roofers were scheduled to show up on Monday morning,  which was part of the reason for the slight panic.


They were pretty good when it came to dealing with surprises,  since there was plenty of roof to work on while the brick layers were hard at it.

That’s what, phase three?  Or maybe phase four?

All I know is,  ye olde bank account is starting to get a bit anaemic.



And that’s because we went with a steel roof. 


So now it’s starting to look even more like a house that was transplanted from the Old World. 


Oddly enough,  I don’t seem to have a side view.  Not with all the panels on anyway.

These are the steel panels here..



It’s tricky to walk on the roof now,  as stepping into the middle of the panel is not a good idea.  Supposed to walk on the front edges.  I’ll have to practise.

Or better yet,  maybe I’ll never need to go up on the bloody roof ever again?  That would work for me.  The thing is warrantied for fifty years.  Not too sure I’ll be around by then.

The squirrels made one attempt the very first morning after the installation. 

There was only the one.

I didn’t hear any little furry tailed bugger plummeting to earth,  but they sure don’t fling themselves onto the roof directly over our bedroom anymore and scamper about.   Man that used to bug me!  Worth the extra expense right there!


And I think that’s all I got. 

I have another little project on the go,  but I’ll leave that for the next time.  Whenever that might be.


Keep it between the ditches,  and thanks for stopping by.


  1. You have logged a lot of hours working on the home improvements. The roof and chimney works! I too would opt to have that done by contractors. Easy does it when - or if - you need to access the roof.

    The place looks very nice!

  2. Looks like they did a good job... guess you'll know for sure when it rains. As for summer weather... I've come to think that depends on where you're at... I'd prefer summer in Maine than autumn here in Texas... about 50 degrees difference!

  3. That roof will last forever, and in a hail storm it will remind you of Carribean steel drum music.

  4. It's going to be a masterpiece when finished.

  5. The house looks great! I they have done a wonderful job on it. Have to admit though we sure don't miss owning a house and having the expense of repairs and upkeep, now that money just goes to travelling. :-)

  6. That steel roof should be good for when the snow flies this winter. I can only imagine what that cost - but, it'll probably be the last roof you'll ever need on that house! If I thought I'd live to be 120, I just might do it myself.

  7. I'm big fan of metal roofs and the 50 year warranty doesn't hurt, either!


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