Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A whole lotta nothin’.

Especially today. 

We’re finally getting a bit of heat here in Southern Ontario.  Can’t say that I’ve missed it, to be honest.  The prognosticators are saying we haven't had a day when the temperature has been anywhere close to thirty since some time back in June.

I’m just glad that working outside at this particular snippet in time is…. optional.


Not like our “weed and feed” person.





And I see today that we have a young lady pushing the spreader.  I’ll have to go out and brave the elements to see what was added/needed.   There’s always a couple of those notifications on the lawn that they have to leave behind. Some sort of regulation.  Even when it’s nothing noxious, which nowadays is 100% of the time. 

Matter of fact,  I can buy weed killer etc. at the Garden Centre that’s more toxic than what these folks are now permitted to use.  Not like I do or anything.

So the notifications are posted to warn everyone that there has been some sort of “application”.

Here’s an idea,  hows about everybody just stay the hell off the lawn?




I have been working on finishing in the “Veranda”.  Not sure I’ll ever truly get finished.  I just have that overwhelming feeling,  but I keep plugging away.



I put that piece up on Sunday.  It was reasonably comfortable to work, temperature wise, although it doesn’t take much for me to start sweating buckets.  

No desire to go up there today.  Thanks.

Travelling Companion has chimed in with her displeasure with that lamp there,  but it’s what was there before,  and is better than nothing.  Not much better than nothing, mind you.   It was a garage sale find of many years ago.  A couple bucks I think.

I also added an additional plug up there in the corner.  Not sure what it’ll be used for,  but you never know.  Christmas lights?  We’ll see.



Just for the fun of it,  I should mention that, at one point in time when I was up there sizing things up,  and possibly staring off into space,  I saw a coyote out on the street.  I mentioned on the Book of Face that he was running down the street.

Not entirely accurate.  

He was actually stopped to take a cr*p.   And judging by how it sort of came blasting out of him,  I think it was an emergency stop.

Erp,  what have you been eating??

Which would explain why he stopped in the middle of the street.   

My camera was three paces away,  but when I turned around he was gone.   Gah!!

Which of course,  reminds me of a comedian whom I’ve only ever seen on Youtube.

It’s only a minute and a half.  Go for it.

Sure hope you have the bandwidth to watch that.  Makes me laugh.   “Shit and go!”


I may possibly poke my head in here at some point when I have something to say.  Not sure when that’ll be.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I've never seen a coyote crapping. Too bad you didn't get a picture.

  2. Nice to have the wildlife making deposits on the street for you. I guess they don't read the bylaw signs.

  3. A whole lot of nothing is a subject I'm very comfortable. Sort of resembles my wallet... ;c)

  4. In my place, I've been seeing foxes and raccoons.

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