Saturday, September 6, 2014

Suppose I should check in.

Seems that the Fall is “Cancer Season”.  

That doesn’t sound right. 

So let me ‘splain.  There’s the Terry Fox Run,  which has been going on for years and has become a huge deal.  That second link has a list of all the countries in which the run is held.

Then there was also something on the tube last night called Stand Up to Cancer,  which I didn’t watch,  since I don’t really watch too much TV to start with, but more money was raised no doubt.

In addition to that,  T.C. and I received an email from Daughter Number One a few days ago letting us know that she was going to be at the Waterdown Legion today to donate her hair. 

Add to that my refresher/orientation/whatever type of meeting at ten this morning,  and that pretty much filled most of the day. 

So we were kind of on the go for most of the day there,  and it all had to do with Cancer.  Or,  trying to get rid of it,  I guess I should say.


The Terry Fox Run is next Sunday,  and I’ve once again volunteered to sit and count money and tick off boxes.  “Dress in layers”  was our final instruction.

There was an additional email from our hostess of this morning with an attachment containing a recap of all the instructions.  

I’ll be studying it over the next week,  trust me.



It’s all about how you fill out the form.   That’s all I could possibly say about the whole thing without totally confusing myself.   Again.


No really.  It’s all good.  Remember,  I have *notes*

(Our Hostess or one of the Volunteers just might be reading this.  No need for panic.)


Then it was off to Waterdown for the the big snip.


I put a bunch of pics on the Book of Face,  but I’ll add one or two here.





Daughter Number One is on the left.   The Dude on the far right is a cancer survivor and was getting his head shaved. 



Said she hadn’t had hair that short since the Eighties.


It was fun.  And there was lunch.  All donated by the local eateries.   And that’s the way it should be.   Oh,  and we each did pony up twenty bucks to be there.  Plus I’m pretty sure T.C. ponied up some more dough for the cause.  

Other than a bit of weed pulling and killing off some offending wasps at my sister-in-law’s place,  that was the extent of the day.   Didn’t take any pictures of the wasp kill.  Didn’t think that would be prudent.  We’ll check on those little buggers later tomorrow methinks.



I saw this earlier on line.  I’m really tempted.

tee shirt

That’s all I got.


The skipper is picking me up tomorrow for an afternoon sail.    In the Fall the races are switched to Sundays,  due to the lack of evening daylight.  Makes it a bit of a logistical challenge,  but if he’s willing to swing by and fetch me,  I’ll work the foredeck for him.   Seems fair.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Your daughter is to be commended for donating her hair. A cancer patient will certainly benefit from her donation.

  2. I did see you 80! photos show up on facebook, Bob, and cruised them a bit, but am quite happy for a blog post to "splain". nice word.

  3. Good for Daughter #1. Too bad they don't style it for her afterwards, I bet she was off to the hairdressers to fix it up a bit.

    Our daughter did that back in 2006. She donated her hair to "Locks of Love" I believe and then they proceeded to shave the rest off. I will post a picture on your facebook page.

  4. Congrats to you and your family for donating time to such a worthy cause. Now, get out on the water and enjoy the sailing!

  5. That was a wonderful thing your daughter did. But how come you didn't donate your hair also, it would have been a perfect father-daughter day! :cD


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