Friday, August 8, 2014

Putting your life on the Lawn.

You read that right.  Not “line”,  as in being a member of the Armed Services but rather “lawn”.

Like when your basement is flooded.

I didn’t take any pictures. That would just be rude.  And insensitive.  Or bad.  Whatever.

Not happenin’.

I fear that would be akin to Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude” is not something that is appropriate in this situation.  I was going to suggest going to that link to hear how that’s pronounced, but the Dude that they got to pronounce that must have gone to some German Classes in Jersey.  He sure didn’t sound German.  Not even Austrian. 

Of course,  the website is connected to “Merriam Webster”, so maybe I should lower my expectations.  Best be careful I don’t upset any of my American readers.  But you know what?  Ferrin’ langueeges is not a particular strength that I’ve noticed from those on this continent in general,  and south of the border in particular. 

Sorry,  that’s the way I sees it.  Ain’t yer fault.

So,  the latest reports are that there are roughly 2000 home in Burlington that have had flooded basements.  No really.  2000.  Jeepers.

And some of these places have been flooded more than once.  Like, they no longer can get insurance, and they can’t even sell their homes,  ‘cause they’ve been “flagged”.  Not sure exactly how that works or what that means,  but I guess it’s kind of like heading off to the leper colony?  There’s no going back.

Well,  enough of that.  We’re lucky.  That’s all.  I like to *think* I had taken the necessary steps to keep the water away from the house but really?  There’s a certain amount of luck involved too methinks.


So back to the business at hand.


I like to call this,  “Some assembly required”.




Used to be a desk.  I already have two.  Have no desire to put together this Chinese puzzle.   It was dropped off here years ago by a nephew,  who didn’t know what to do with it.  I shoved it out to the curb.  But you know what?  In spite of the fact that the snowblower went,  and then later a microwave, (I hadn’t even got myself out there with said appliance when someone pulled up to fetch it!) nary a soul was willing to assemble the desk.   Oh well.  Got picked up by the Dudes with the big stinky truck.



Meanwhile Travelling Companion and I had gone a couple blocks away to check on sister-in-law’s place.  There where the dirt is just outside the back door,  is where there had been the big beaver dam.  My assignment was to take away the remaining water soaked clay.  Too heavy for sister-in-law.  Damned near too heavy for me too.

The back yard no longer shows any signs of having been flooded,  but you can see in the bottom pic how the neighbour’s yard is considerably higher?  Well,  neighbours on all sides have been slowing building up their properties.  I’m thinking we’ll need to do some trenching with a long length of that plastic weeping tile  and a dry well down there on the low end.  That’s all I got.  I’d love to excavate a trench right through the neighbour’s back yard,  but I don’t think they’d appreciate that.



I put in my little door today.  I’ll probably use a barrel latch to keep it closed.  The rest of that area will be dry walled.  I took down all the pressed board,  or whatever the heck that was.   The original intention was to put up metal lath and then plaster it,  but that was never done.  Just left. 

Not finished. 


I’ll get to it.


Oh Oh!  Almost forgot.  Here are some pictures of food!   Like,  why not?



Daughter Number Two and Son-in-law brought some meat.   We ate well.  The sausages are chicken.  The two burgers on the left are minced up sirloin and the two on the right are pork and bacon.  Basically, pork and more pork.   I only had a sausage and one of the sirloin burgers.  And an ear of corn.  No more room for anything else,  but we do now have a couple things left over.

Some one shared this way of cooking corn that I’m total thrilled with.  Normally we’ve most always husked corn and boiled it.  When you can start to smell the corn,  usually that means it’s done.  But then of course,  you have all that hot water heating up the kitchen.

We haven’t been doing that lately.

Here’s what ya do…

Microwave each ear for four minutes. This is with the husk left on. Then (and you’ll need your oven mitts for this) simply cut off the one end of the cob with a sharp knife,  and squeeze the ear of corn out that end.  All of the little strands will then stay with the husk,  and you’ll end up with a clean ear of corn!   It’s totally awesome!  No more little strands in my teeth!

Better yet,  there are a few videos out there.  I like this one.

I see that John, or maybe it’s Peter,  from RV Geeks put all three ears of corn in the microwave at once.  Whatever.  I’d say four minutes per ear is about right.

Try it.



All grammar mistakes are intentional.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. Our Daughter has a couple of neighbors who raised their backyard levels to drain into her's. A call to the city had those idiots pulling a lot of dirt out of their yards.
    Neat trick with the corn on the cob. We'll definitely be trying that.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Food, now you talking. That is a nice way to do the corn, chicken sausage and pork burgers with more pork, so tasty!

  3. One man's junk, etc, etc, etc. At least it's no longer YOUR junk! :cD

  4. Believe it or not I don't like corn but my wife loves it, so I'll pass along your recipe for cooking it. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the corn idea, I hate husking it before cooking.

  6. Looking forward to trying that corn idea. But I have to admit I love it on the grill. You have to shuck it and clean it but the grilled taste is worth it for me.

  7. Thanks for the mention, Bob, and greetings from the other side of Canada! We sure do love this way of preparing corn, especially this time of year. Here in the Fraser Valley, about 2 hours east of Vancouver, the Chilliwack "Triple Sweet" corn is in prime season right now. Tastes like it was dipped in sugar. No butter needed. We had some last night, and today here in our park (we're full-time RVers) is the annual Corn Roast. They bring in what can only be described as a cauldron (about what you'd imagine cannibals use to cook dinner) and fill it with Triple Sweet. Add in some burgers, hot dogs and all the usual picnic trimmings and it's a party on the lawn all evening (BYOB of course lol). By the way, that's Peter (me) in the video. ;-)


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