Saturday, August 9, 2014

Taking time out to read.

Which is something I don’t seem to do nearly enough of.  Well,  it’ll be winter soon enough I suppose.   I’m still planning my strategy for the installation of the generator.  Remember that?  

I know,  that thing’s damned near an antique by now. 

We’ll sort it out.

I’m not really into “graphic novels”  per se,  but son-in-law gave me an interesting one a while back. Well really,  he shows up with something for me on a fairly regular basis,  but that’s beside the point.

Sat down and got through it this afternoon.  Well,  I might have scheduled a brief nap in there at one point,  but that had nothing to do with the content.

THAT had to do with a neighbour’s noisy dog waking me up a precisely 5:28 a.m.   It was annoying enough that I got up to close the window, to then witness said neighbour having to go out in the yard and fetch the little bastard.  Actually from the sounds of it,  I’m guessing it was a big bastard. 

I only saw the lady in her housecoat, and it looked like she had an animal by the collar.  I would have sent out the ole man.



Which is probably why my afternoon ended up with me being in a prone position with book in hand,  since I wasn’t feeling all that “peppy”. 

Oh,  I did spend some quality time vacuuming mouse poop out of the shed.  Man,  that was a hoot. 

I *think* it was left over from last year,  since I wasn’t getting anything in the traps this past winter.  Man,  those little bastards shit everywhere!  No manners,  and no learnin’.


*thinks*.  I’d best get some fresh traps.  They’ll be back.


And what did I read?

 Weapons of Mass Diplomacy.  I can see why it got the awards that it did.  It’s a sometimes humorous but also somewhat chilling reminder of the whole smoke and mirrors that took place just before the invasion of Iraq.   The author changed the names of countries and diplomats,  but it didn’t take too much imagination to know what he was saying.

It’s a “graphic novel”,  which is something an old geezer like me has trouble getting my head around, so it’s not *just* a comic book.



Other than that,  I got nuttin’.

Just that picture there of one half of my supper.  Chicken sausage with home made relish.  Oh ya,  Baby!

And really,  I could have just drizzled relish on the bun and left it at that,  but someone had to clean up the sausages. 

Did my duty.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Thanks for looking.


  1. Years ago my son gave me a graphic novel version of Moby Dick. I was familiar with the story but amazed by the high quality of the illustrations. Comic books have come a long way.

  2. Took me all the way to the end of your post to realize that my definitely of graphic novel and yours were different. But at least I figured out that was a sausage with relish on it. lol

  3. Now taking time to read is a good thing, hope you did it out side with fresh air, under a shade tree with a cool beverage.

  4. SO, did you read the words or just look at the pictures? ;c)


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