Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And then….it rained.


But first,  just a mention about the copper.

Nope,  not going to polish it.  It’s not coated either.  Copper Dude said if it were coated,  then the coating would flake off,  and not evenly either.   It’ll just turn brown,  and then eventually green.  Should take about twenty years.  I’ll wait it out.

It’s just about the only part of this house that is “maintenance free”.  


And yes,  it rained.  And I ain’t kiddin’.

It started yesterday around three,  and rained hard for about,  I don’t know,  six hours?  It did let up briefly at one point,  but only briefly. 

There was water.  And I mean,  highways were closed.  Streets were flooded.  Houses were flooded.

There was a panic phone call at around five thirty from sister-in-law’s place a few blocks from here.  See,  all the neighbours surrounding her back yard have managed to raise the grade of their backyards to the point where the water doesn’t want to drain from hers?  This is a problem.  So the plan that was already in place when I got there was to barricade the patio door to keep the water away.  It was working,  but between the mud and the blocks of wood and paving stones,  and oh,  I did add some cedar shavings to make some “adobe”,  it was a helluva mess.   But it worked.

Hey,  beavers have been making effective dams with what amounts to wood chips for millennia,  so I figured it couldn’t hurt.



The only picture I got was from our very own back door.  Taking the camera out in that wasn’t very high on my list of priorities.  So you’ll just take my word for it. 

Considering the number of people whose basements were flooded,  I’d say we came out fairly well.  Since it was pounding in under the back steps,  we did get about a cupful of water that came in at the footings.   The rest of the basement was fine.   Of course,  there were also a few leaks in the roof on the veranda side,  but that’s the reason why we’re having a new roof installed in the fall.  My hope is that it’s not coming in at the chimney and then migrating down under the shingles to the first break in the sheathing.  It’s just a tad frustrating,  since I’ve been up there scouting out any signs of where the water might come in,  and I come up empty. 


On a more fun note,  Travelling Companion and her sister made some relish a couple days ago.   I’ve been putting relish on damned near everything.  OK well,  maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad.



On the plate there is my pork schnitzel sandwich.  With relish.  You’ll note that there are a few empty spots on the towel?  It’s those children.  *mumble*

I’m pretty sure any recipient of a jar of relish should have been here chopping up veggies,  but that’s just my humble opinion.

(Hey,  I installed the gas range!  That counts)

I’m still farting around up in the veranda.  I’ll be ordering our new windows in the morning.  Just had a chat with the owner of the window company to iron out a couple details.  She said she’s in at seven,  but give her a couple minutes to get revved up.    I imagine I’ll need at least one cup of coffee before I pick up the phone.


Keep on truckin’.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Glad you survived without too much water. Sure seems a lot of places are getting way too much of that stuff and nobody has figured out how to get it to over and put out the fires. You may have to hide a couple of those relish jars so they don't keep disappearing on you.

  2. I'm surprised the kids left you any jars! ;c)

  3. I'm a relish-a-holic. Just can't get enough of the stuff. When I load up a hotdog it's hard to find it beneath the relish.

  4. We picked up a jar of relish in South Carolina that my wife likes so much that she won't share. Get your rain over with before I get to Waterloo on the 17th.

  5. You sure had a mess of rain there, we had nothinbg here in Plattsville and Grand Bend, just nice sunny weather.
    Glad it was you and not us. lol...

  6. Sounds like that storm we had pass thru here a few weeks ago, flooding and cars floating in water. The weather gets stranger year after year.


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