Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some days I’m quite content to stay home.

Wednesday’s is usually a “Breakfast Babes” morning for me,  but my motivation to get myself sorted out first thing in the morning was somewhat lacking.

The “Breakfast Babes” consists of mostly retired teachers from one particular school where I used to work.  I say “mostly”,  since there is a Secretary and a Caretaker that show up from time to time.  Along with a few spouses,  but that’s a rarity.

Oh and yes,  the Caretaker would be Muggins here.

Anyway,  sorry kids,  I didn’t go.  Maybe next week.


Besides,  I figured my time was better spent making more headway up in the “Veranda”.  My objective is to get the inside walls buttoned up with drywall before the weather takes a turn.  This of course,  is while I’m waiting for my windows to arrive.  Once they’re here,  all bets are off.  Until I have them finished and installed at least.


I hadn’t really come to any conclusions as to who did what up there in the past,  but I’m now fairly certain that it was the previous owner who was in the midst of installing lath and then eventually plastering the whole thing.  There was some evidence of a freshly cut rafter tail where a board had been nailed up.

This was in preparation for the plaster,  which was going to go over fibre board and then lath.



I may very well change out that lamp.  That was a garage sale deal that was too hard not to pass up.




It was up in the one corner next to the fireplace/chimney/whatever.

Anyway,  doesn’t matter.

I can see why there was some,  shall we say? confusion?  It’s hard to know what to do.  I did stand there trying to take it all in and sort it out in my pea brain for a quite a few minutes.

Of course,  it wouldn’t be quite right if there weren’t any nesting material or teeth marks from squirrels.




I’m pretty sure some of this activity took place after we moved in,  since I had installed a phone line up through there,  and I’m sure I would have noticed all that cr*p.  But I never did take down the board,  so who knows?

Memory is dim.



The corner was a bit of a head scratcher.



Big space.  No place to attach drywall,  that’s for sure.



I used some of the super duper adhesive that Carpenter Dude and I had been using when we did the cladding.

The wedge is there to put pressure on the adhesive. 



Oh,  and speaking of which,  I had a visitor yesterday.



It was Carpenter Dude.

You can see the name on the side of his truck,  so it’s not like it’s a big secret or anything.  But we’re blogging here,  so monikers are in order.

He wanted to rent my bandsaw.  

I said,  “Sure,  why not”. 

He was working on a project that required carefully cutting a couple arches,  and it just was not working with a jig saw.  There’s a lot of stuff that can be done with a jig saw,  but not everything.

So he left here a happy camper,  and I had a few bucks in my pocket.  It was going to go into my “might need that special tool someday” fund,  but T.C. got wind of it,  so we’ll see.  So it might go towards groceries.  That would suck.


Meanwhile,  I sorted out my little project with some left over cedar and “J” moulding. 



I think it’ll look quite fetching once the drywall is up.

That was a bit of fussiness.  That’s all I’m going to say.  At one point yesterday afternoon (evening?) after many, many trips down to the garage,  Travelling Companion did ask just how many trips I make back and forth. 

“Just about one for every cut.”  was my reply.

Sometimes I can get away with doing a little cut by hand,  but it’s tough to get really clean lines that way.  And there’s no way I’m carting the cut-off saw,  band saw or table saw….anywhere.




So now I just have to fetch me some drywall.


Now wasn’t that exciting?


Thanks for looking.


  1. It is a good thing you have an older house and not a brand new one. Then you'd have nothing to work on and keep out of trouble! ;c)

  2. I tried putting up some drywall once and it isn't as easy as it looks.

  3. Dry wall does a nice job and makes things look so neat.
    You are getting your exercise up and down those stairs, I did the years ago building stuff on the second floor and all the saws in the basement. Great workout.

  4. I never pictured you as a "breakfast babe". Tough to get that image out of my head now.


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