Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Up to me old tricks.



Freezing overripe bananas has its limits. 

There was a suggestion from Daughter Number Two to make some sort of banana schmoodie.  (read: “smoothie”, inside joke)  I can do the banana bread from rote,  so that’s easier.

Didn’t take long for Travelling Companion to have a piece when she got home,  since she thought she wouldn’t need a lunch.  Turns out she stayed at The Company that Cannot be Named for the entire day.

I think I mentioned that “The Wolf”  would be making an appearance?

Now get this,  she’s now an independent contractor,  yet they had an office ready for her,  with her name on the door!  Geez,  it’s a wonder she got her swelled head in the door when she came home.

Actually,  that’s far from any kind of an issue, but one does get the impression that they were really happy to have her back.

Gotta pay for all these renos,  don’t ya know.

Anyway,  once upon a time, up to and including our stay in Europe,  her gig was all about finance.  She’s a CPA after all. (Formerly CMA, Certified Management Accountant).

Then when we came back home,  they put her in charge of IT.   That’s “Information Technology”,  not “It”,  as in “Cousin It”.  

They were having issues going onto Oracle and well,  she knew the ins and outs of the system better than the IT people.  

Now,  she’s working with Marketing.  I haven’t quite figured that one out,  and at this point, I’m not sure I want to know.


So that meant Muggins here was back to being Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.  Well actually, that bottle washing part is sorted out by the dishwasher.  There’s a limit to that as well.  Right along with the freezing of the bananas.

That also meant that a supper menu was in order.


Not too damned fancy,  but we scarfed it down with no complaints.



Beans from the garden, sautéed onions and spuds.  Oh,  and grilled chicken breast.  Slathered in BBQ sauce and dusted with Denninger's Steak Spice. 

T.C. won’t be going back into work until next week,  which is a good thing,  as we have plans to get ourselves to a cottage for a couple days.

This is a different one. 

This is why I’m quite content to not own a cottage, you’re never stuck in one place. 

We stayed at this place last Thanksgiving, and Daughter Number One was so taken with it,  that she rented it for this week.  OK then!   We invited ourselves up.

Some sort of P.P.  That’s Parental Privileges.  I just made that up.

Don’t worry though,  it’s not like we’re total mooches or anything,  since there was a call earlier today to make sure the plans were set,  and when I asked if there was anything lacking,  the subject of Slovenian Beer came up.

Seems they’re OUT. 

The Horror!


So I did the “Dad” thing and went to the LCBO to fetch some.  

The interesting thing about the LCBO is,  you can go to that site,  and if you know what to look for,  you can see just how many they have of a particular item in every store.  

Kinda neat.  And oh so handy.


The silly thing is,  even though this beer is called Laško, they have it listed as Zlatorog. I suppose that makes sense,  since Laško is the brewer,  but if you’re only carrying the one beer?  Just call it Laško. 





Anyhoodle,  I’m READY.  Beer is cooling in the fridge.  The car is full of fuel.  That’s it,  isn’t it?

Well, maybe I’ll take some clean undies.  Don’t want to over pack.


See you on the flip side.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Clean skivvies and cold beer, what more could a man ask for? ;c)

  2. Heck the cold beer is fine. You can always turn the skivvies inside out and front to back.
    Tried the microwaved corn on the cob and it worked great. A new way to clean corn around here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Summer time, cold beer and a cottage what more can you ask for?
    Almost like and RV visiting different places.

  4. Looks like you managed to pick up enough of that beer for at least a day or two!

  5. Somehow knew that TC wasn't going to lay low for long. Enjoy the vacation.

  6. Vacation = always,well usually, a good thing. Enjoy.


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