Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We interrupt this program…

To bring you this update from the Looney Bin.

That’s harsh I realise,  since at any given moment in time,  any one of us could have a mental breakdown,  but when mine comes,  I’m going to try not to be on the busiest street in all of Austria.   Spitting and yelling at people.  At least I’ll try?

First of all,  let’s set the scene here:


Mariahilferstraße is not only the busiest street in Austria,  but I would hazard a guess that there are very few streets in the rest of the world that are that much more congested right around mid afternoon.   To put it in the Caretaking Vernacular,   “It’s nuts out there.” 


I’ll admit,  there are probably streets in Toyko or Sao Paulo that would be right up there in the running,  but I’ve only ever seen pictures from those places.

I live here, so excuse my grammar when I say, I live this.

And I suppose,  If I’m going to label it as “nuts”,  then there’s bound to be a couple nut jobs from time to time.  I mean,  what do I expect?


Sitting here minding my own business with the windows open,  I could NOT help but hear what can only be described as some of the most horrendous sounds,  human or otherwise,  coming from the corner down below.   Of course,  this got my attention.   Was it human?  Some sort of crazy animal?  

I suppose I should have some sort of piercing so as to make sure the camera is always attached and at the ready,  but it wasn’t,  and I didn’t get that “on film”,  so to speak.  So sue me.  Sorry.

After this person had run back and forth across the intersection a couple times,  nearly getting run over,  and yelling at complete strangers, (and at one point horking up and spitting out a loogie)  I thought maybe it was just an isolated incident,  and that this fellow actually had a reason to be agitated.   Like maybe,  somebody had done him wrong?

Not so. Well, the only thing that had gone wrong, was the chemistry in his brain. 

The yelling continued,  and I couldn’t help myself.   There had to be some blog fodder there somewhere.  So I went below.


Couldn’t get much closer than this:


*dammit* Should have raced down there.  But I didn’t want to be that obvious.  No need for the cops to be tackling me as well.


So in a way,  it’s a good thing that Travelling Companion doesn’t get the chance to come home early all that often,  since she would need to come out of that parking garage entrance in order to get home.  Oh dear.

The crowd that has gathered there is only there to see the cops tackle a this chap who,  for lack of a better explanation,  had suffered some sort of psychotic episode.   Gotta stay on those meds Dude!


They took him away.


I didn’t take a picture of the poor guy since well, I didn’t think that was totally fair.   I would only hope that others would take some sort of similar consideration when and if they take me away one day.   It’s not too much to ask.  Nobody really needs their chemically addled mug on the internet after all.

How’s your day going so far?





  1. A whole lot better than that poor souls!

  2. Agreed. It's bad enough to see my normal mug on the Internet... ;c)

  3. Looks like he provided some afternoon entertainment for quite a few folks, at least.

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  5. It must be horrid to have to those thongs happening in your mind, things you can't control. Meds certainly help. Our neighbor went off his meds and committed suicide the day of our move. I'm still trying to get my head around it.

  6. Well, ... reminds me of the day over 40 years ago when I had a panic attack while driving (by myself) and to this day, wonder where I'd been and where the heck I was going.... I wasn't even on meds (maybe should have been...)... Poor Soul... hope he gets the help he needs.


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