Thursday, September 20, 2012

Took another walk.

Not wanting to completely give up on my bike-tire-pumping-up-silliness,  I was off once again to the bike shop on the other side of the Gürtel.  You’re welcome to take a gander at their goofy webpage here..  The place is called Ebyl.  That webpage has some crazy flashy thing going on at the start,  and I find that annoying,  so I don’t recommend going to the page.  But if you have anything faster than dial-up,  I suppose it’s tolerable.

It didn’t seem to be as far today?  That’s probably due to a couple things.  Yesterday I walked past it,  since it didn’t jump out at me even as a sporting goods store,  let alone some sort of half-assed bike shop, plus it was raining.   Today the sun is out in full force,  even though there’s a bit of that wintery feel in the air.  I can handle wearing a jacket, to be honest, as I’m more comfortable being covered up than not.   Is that a sign of getting old?  Older? 

Never mind.

Just to recap,  for those of you who forgot to take notes,  and as was pointed out by Rod over there in Kansas, (why do I always think of a little dog named “Toto”??)  there are two types of valve stems.


Here they are.


WHY we need two different types is just one of life’s little mysteries,  and I have no clue.  I’m sure there’s some sort of story,  but NO,  I don’t really care.

So this time I had a new strategy.  I’d take along a picture of the little thing that I needed to be able to put air into a Schrader valve stem with the goofy clamp on pump that I have.  

Let me tell ya.  A picture is where it’s at!   Yessiree kids!

Not only did the service dude know exactly what I was looking for (after showing him my picture,  see yesterday’s missive)  but it took him all of about 3 seconds to produce one from his little drawer full of goodies and place it in my hand.   Oh,  and the best part.  It was FREE.   *snort*!

Hey,  I offered to pay.  He wouldn’t have it. 

Well, considering I paid €1,99 for the little piece of brass (even if it is that) that I purchased yesterday,  I think they got their mark-up on that whole deal.  These things are worth what?  six cents?  If that?


And there it is.   Ta-daa..


The free one.  Oh wait,  I said that,  didn’t I?

*free*   Such a happy word.

Now,  that doesn’t mean that my pump is any more effective than having a bunch of wind coming out of a horse’s hind end,  but that’s another matter.  At least it didn’t smell as bad.  I was able to eventually put some air in both tires.  I will now put the bike away.  We’re done.

Oohh.  Aahh.  What a sense of accomplishment.  

You may now roll your eyes.


Speaking of horses’ hind ends…

By the way,  I had to look up the proper use of that previous apostrophe.  That’s a very useful website,  and I recommend it.  


We once again have been set upon by the parking  garage gremlins.  

This seems to happen on the order of about every six months.   It’s quite aggravating.

See,  I have a couple garage doors at home,  and if the one doesn’t open for whatever reason,  I have a back up plan.  It mostly involves me having to get my lazy ass out of the car,  walking around to another door,  going in and manually unhooking the thing and flinging it open,  but it does work.  It’s a “plan”.    Here,  if the door doesn’t open,  you have to press a button and wait to talk to some faceless individual,  and hope that you can figure out what the heck they’re saying.   I have problems enough at the average drive thru window anywhere in North America,  and those people are mostly speaking English.  We won’t get into any variations of “teenager speak” here.


Of course,  Travelling Companion gets upset with me,  since I get upset with the faceless voice.  I just want to park the car!   That all!   Just open up!  Here’s my number!   Send someone to fix it!   Not asking much.  Gah!

There’s been a problem for a couple days now,  since the magic box thinks that you’re already inside,  when in fact you’re not.   This morning, there was NO message,  so we couldn’t get out.  I let T.C. do the talking this time,  and when she got to the point where she said,  “I need to go to work!”,  I knew she was starting to get a little testy.   See?   It’s not just me??  Hello!


And you know,  just last night as I was driving around the Ring and admiring all the buildings I thought, “Man,  they sure are pretty damned awesome.  I think I’m going to miss that.”   But the parking garage thing?  Um no.  Not going to miss that.   Not unless it’s similar to the way I miss having haemorrhoids.   Also a bit of a pain in the you know what,  now that I think of it.

I’ll try and settle down now.





Here’s one for you to chew on:



I noticed this last night when I was headed out to pick up T.C. after her dinner.   What do you suppose?  Not enough room for all the bags of “stuff” they bought,  pulled out the clubs and forgot to put them back in?   Oops.

Or,  how about “I’ve been telling him to take out those blank blank golf clubs for weeks now,  well you know what?”  

And then they got left behind? THAT would just be mean.  I think if anyone using my vehicle left behind my golf clubs on purpose?  Wowsers.

Of course, we’ll never know.  They were still there this morning.  Who knows when or if this person will notice that their clubs are missing.  Kind of sad really.   Poor hapless bastard.

*Note to self*.  Take the clubs out and put them in the house after each outing.  Then you’ll know where they are.



So there you go. Keep an eye on your stuff.



Thanks for looking in.




  1. I am quite shocked that those clubs are still there! Maybe his wife did it :)

  2. Okay, I am all refreshed on bike valve stems:) Maybe those clubs were not worth stealing!

  3. Well, I'm glad you got that valve thing sorted out! Of course my problem was exactly the opposite, I had a Dutch Bicycle with presta inner tubes and valves and the small hole in the tire rims.... And, of course as you have so notably pointed out, everything on this side of the pond is schrader.. But wait a minute, isn't schrader a german word.... Or would it be schreader? of schroeder...?

  4. Finally...a salesman that knows what he is doing...surprises never end.


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