Thursday, September 13, 2012

My next wheelbarrow.

Considering that I bought the one and only wheelbarrow that I’ve ever owned back in *thinks* 1992,  and that it’s spent a good half of its life outdoors,  I’m reasonably certain that it will have lived its life,  and will need to be replaced.

So why the sudden thoughts of wheelbarrows?

I saw this beauty the other morning.

Copy of IMG_0432

I don’t usually gush over wheelbarrows and really,  I only took one picture.

Let me just flip it around there for you,  so you don’t have to crank your head over.


What?  Jägermeister is making wheelbarrows now?  Or is this some kind of sponsorship?  Either way, it’s a fine looking wheelbarrow.  I’m sure you agree.  Since well, we’re all experts on wheelbarrows here and everything….aren’t we?

Took me a minute to get that to work,  since Picasa, in a Big Brother kind of way,  kept trying to adjust the picture back to the way it “thought” it was supposed to go.  Not that it actually thinks or anything.


Speaking of looking at things in a sort of covetous way,  I’ve seen a couple of these in town.  But only a couple.




See,  that’s a “Danger Will Robinson” right there,  since the last time we were on one of these foreign country junkets,  I kept seeing Toyota Tundras.  Which,  by the way,  they do not have in Europe.  Toyota has something called the Hilux.  It’s kind of similar,  but nothing that really makes me turn my head or anything. The VW pick-up though?  Obviously I got out of the car and took a couple pictures.  I think that counts as “head turning”.


So when the executive decision was made to go shopping for a pick-up truck in 03,  you can see what we ended up with.


It’s parked up there behind the Jetta.   I sold it to my nephew in the early part of 08,  so I suppose I could do without some sort of “picking up stuff from the lumber yard” kind of vehicle,  and borrow that one once in a while.   I guess.   Maybe.   Mind you,  his son has been driving it this summer,  and he’s still a teenager.  I have no opinion.


I mean,  the chances of sniffing out a VW pick-up in North America are slim to none,  so there’s no worries there about me going all ape-shit at some dealer’s lot.  Makes it easy I suppose. 

Thoughts of riding the bike come to mind,  but bringing home a sheet of plywood gets tricky.

The chore of trying to decide just what will meet our transportation requirements once we get settled back home again will be fraught with a host of decisions.  Can’t say I’m looking forward to that part.


I’ll probably keep it simple by starting out with the wheelbarrow. Get that one under my belt,  and go from there.  You know,  small steps.


The weather here in Wienerland has pretty much sucked for the last couple days.  Rain.  Wind.  Getting cold.  

Had to put on socks and long trousers.  Can’t say I’m thrilled.

That’s enough griping for one day.  I’ll just sit here and have warm thoughts about my new wheelbarrow.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. how about a wheelbarrow full of Jagermiester?

  2. I was watching an old Dennis the Menace when it was pouring rain and I was really bored. And Mr. Wilson was pushing him around the yard in a wheelbarrow. Remember those days?

  3. You can always pay to get the lumber delivered or borrow a friends' pick up.

  4. Where does one buy a Jagermeister wheel barrow in Ontario?? Well why do Germans cross their J's? Or make those funny s's?? Doesn't look like I will ever do a good job of living in Wienerland...... But I'm glad your thoughts have turned to coming back to this side of the pond....!

  5. I can see that a new wheel barrel is only going to be the start of the collection:)

  6. Funny that you talk about a wheelbarrow you had in 1992, well we have one better. Back in 1988 I have a picture of my Dad and our then almost 2 year old daughter helping him put rotten apples into a beat up old wheelbarrow, well a couple of weeks ago our daughter was in Ottawa visiting him and took a picture of our almost 1 1/2 year old grandson in a wheelbarrow and guess's the same wheelbarrow. Thought that was funny and sent her the picture of her with it at almost 2 years old.

    Our weather is doing pretty good, mostly sunny so we can't complain, better than it was in June/July.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. That wheelbarrow is for heavy drinkers...after a couple of those, you won't remember needing a pickup truck.

  8. I tried a sip of Jagermeister one time - bleech! My brother loves Jagermeister, thus his liver no longer loves him. Tis a dandy looking barrow, though.


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