Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rolling it out!


OK so,  maybe we’re not quite rolling out the red carpet in front of our own front door,  but I just thought seeing these guys rolling out a red carpet this morning was timely. 

I didn’t bother asking if they’d stop by our place.  I didn’t think they’d go for it.

We really only do it figuratively anyway.


There were no problems with the airport run,  although I was beginning to have some concerns at one point before I had even crossed back over the Danube.

These are signs one does NOT wish to see.   Just saying.




I’m not quite sure why that first one didn’t quite turn out.  Maybe I caught it in mid “blink”?  

Anyway,  it wasn’t that big of a deal.  There was an “Unfall”  (accident) somewhere down the road,  but I was able to move along with very little difficulty. 

I do have to say that throughout most of Europe (this isn’t just an Austrian thing)  they do a pretty good job of warning you ahead of time that you just might be headed for trouble.  There’s no shortage of flashing lights and signs telling you to slow down.  Still sucks to be caught in traffic,  but at least you know WHY.   Eases the pain somewhat.  That’s my story anyway.


The flight from Toronto was a bit early,  which was a good thing,  as I was even earlier.   I never like to be late,  so I’ll suffer being early if it comes right down to it.

There’s a cafe directly across from the “point of no return” at the arrivals area,  so I hunkered down with the paper and a coffee.  Could have bought a whole pound for what I paid for that sucker,  but such is life at an airport.  The toilets are free,  thank goodness.


Seems to me it was €4,20.   That’s right kids. 

I drank it really slowly.   Wanted my six bucks worth.

Well,  right now it’s more like $5.31 Cdn.,  but still.   Oh well,  gotta splurge once in a while.  Kept me going I suppose.


It’s not too often that I sort of wish there was a way to share smells on the internet,  since I could smell the scent of fresh pine as I was coming up to this pile of lumber this morning on Neubaugaße.   There’s nothing quite like it.


Well,  it’s a smell I like anyway. 

And no, I guess being able to share smells might not be such a great idea.   I’m not overly keen to smell “horse sweat” or “wet dog” for example.   Please don’t take offence.   I know there are folks who simply love all kinds of those smells,  including “wet dog”.   Good for you!  I’m happy for you.  It’s just not for me that’s all.  I’ll take freshly mown hay and pine lumber for 200 Alex.


So the advise that is normally given to anyone who has come across the pond,  is to take a little nap of an hour or so,  then get up and try and stay up until what would be a more or less normal bedtime.  This is a tried and proven method of trying to get straightened out after flying overseas all night.

Travelling Companion’s brother was good to go with that program.  He disappeared right after we made some tea.  They like their tea,  and I wasn’t sure if I had the right kind,  but it just so happened that “Twinning's English Breakfast Tea”  was a good choice.  It’s been up there in the cupboard for a while,  so now finally it’ll get used up.

There was some reluctance however on the part of his wife to give in to the “nap program”,  and she thought she’d like to sit outside for a while.  She sat there quite motionless for well over an hour.  You don’t suppose she was sleeping,  do you?



I didn’t bother to ask.

After a very short map tutorial,  they are now both out and about,  just to take a look around,  head for a bank machine,  and generally take in a bit of Vienna.   I felt it a good idea to do the map briefing thing,  since there have been visitors in the past who have found themselves turned around,  and end up walking blocks and blocks in the wrong direction before realising that things “don’t look right”.    It happens.  And it tends to happen to those who are initially confident in their sense of direction for some reason.  It’s taken me a while to keep from getting directionally challenged in Vienna, (and I have a pretty good sense of direction) so if you’ve just stepped off an airplane,  it’s best to have a little guidance.

That’s probably the reason why there are free maps in all hotel lobbies in Vienna.  I’ve gone through a few of them over the years.  I’ve lost count of the number of visitors we’ve had.


I’ll be heading out around five to pick up T.C. from the salt mines,  so I’ll once again have the thrill of savouring some of Vienna’s traffic.   It’s such a lot of fun.  I can barely contain myself.


That’s today’s missive.


Try not to get turned around.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. No that you have company, you can entertain and have so much fun, after all your shopping excursions, enjoy!

  2. Does tea get stale? Just asking you know!

  3. Don't miss the L.A. traffic at all. Parksville is more to my liking kinda going to hate to leave. Plus those nice extra large Tim's for $2.00 Nice having warning signs though.


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