Friday, September 14, 2012

I blame the darkness.

As the daylight hours begin to diminish, we’re once again faced with the prospect of getting up in the dark.  Never been one of my favourite things.  There’s a time as well,  usually right around mid-December,  when going to and returning from work in the dark is the norm.  At least in the Northern Hemisphere. Also not my favourite thing.  That was one of the things I actually enjoyed about working afternoons,  since even in the winter time, if it was a bright sunny day,  then that time was my own,  and I didn’t have to show up for work until later in the afternoon.  Coming home in the dark was a given.

I had a whole long-winded thing going on here about not being able to stay awake much past 9:30 and then waking up way too early,  but I unloaded all that drivel.   Suffice to say,  it’s a slippery slope,  and the darkness doesn’t help.  I’d say I need to be “out in my shop” in the evenings to try and fend off the sleepiness,  but operating potentially finger severing devices as a means of staying awake is probably not the best solution.  I’m not sure I can come up with a “plan”,  whether it’s here,  or back home.  Coffee is out of the question,  since I’ll still fall asleep,  but then wake up that much earlier.  This I know.


Anyhoodle,  it’s a fairly normal Friday here in Wienerland,  and at least the weather is trying to be a little better.  Still overcast with tiny snippets of sun.  But really tiny.  The shorts won’t be going on again any time soon,  since it was only 12°C this morning.  No clue what it is now.  Marginally warmer.  Don’t care.

Of course,  the good part about that is,  I’m not so concerned about going out and about in a shirt that might possibly need to be ironed.  If I have to wear a jacket, then there’s no reason to get all bent out of shape over a couple wrinkles.   “A couple wrinkles” he says! 

I’m trying to see the positive aspects of facing the colder weather.  Go with me on this one.

I never did get all that much of a tan on my legs,  so we can give up on that endeavour,  although I’m really not all that keen on even being in the sun,  but if a little tanning comes along,  I can accept it.  To some extent.  The only conscious effort made,  and it’s probably only a consideration,  is to avoid the dreaded “sock-tan lines” at all costs.  Better to burn the tops of ones feet by wearing sandals as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve seen some fellers out there with some mighty interesting looking contraptions on their feet.   If I thought I could get away with it,  I would have taken pictures,  but you know what I mean.   No socks with sandals!  Guys, please!   You’re making us look bad!  And that’s just one example.


I’ll try to control myself here,  I can sense my heart rate starting to climb.


Over the period of time that we’ve been here in Wienerland,  there’s been no shortage of junk mail,  both shoved into our mailbox,  as well as slipped over the door handle to the apartment.  I look on it mostly as entertainment,  sift through it, and then dutifully take it down and toss it into the recycling bin.  No harm done.  Plus,  it never hurts my vocabulary any to read flyers from the local lumber/hardware/tool stores and such. 

Hey,  if I can put a spin on cooler weather,  then I may as well take a shot at junk mail.

The thing is,  once in a while we get something that just makes me do a double take.  There was that flyer once a couple years ago from a Bordello just on the other side of the Czech border that I found somewhat curious,  and then yesterday we received this one that I’ve posted below.    It was hanging on the doorknob like one of those “do not disturb” signs from a hotel room.



So let me just paraphrase.   If you sign up to this deal for €11,90 a month,  they will deliver to you any of the items that they show on the reverse side for breakfast. 

All righty then!

So first of all,  who the heck is that lazy that they need their breakfast delivered?  And then of course,  you’re going to pay your €11,90 a month whether you order anything or not. 




It’s a unique idea,  I’ll give them that much.  I’d be curious to see how many people would sign up.  I can barely shove some breakfast down my throat most mornings,  so having someone show up first thing in the morning with items that I had foolishly ordered the night before,  thinking maybe I could get it down?   I don’t think so.

Besides,  I can walk out our front door,  and within roughly 25 metres,  I can be at a bakery down in the subway station where I can get most of those things, and probably cheaper.  If I had a good enough throwing arm,  I could probably hit at least a half dozen bakeries within throwing distance of our front door.   We’re talking a regulation baseball here.  No soft balls.   Just saying.

I guess I’d just need to be that much lazier.   Here I thought I had a pretty good grasp on just what being lazy is all about.  Silly me!  There are people out there lazier than me?  Wowsers.


Well,  hopefully someone is willing to bring you breakfast once in a while.  I doubt that it’s costing you €11,90 a month though. 

Or maybe it is?


Have a fine weekend if I happen to skip ahead.


Thanks for coming by.


Oh,  and P.S.,  I’m guessing the young lady does NOT come with breakfast.   There’s a reason not to sign up right there!


  1. We both have sock tans! All that hiking with socks and hiking boots, it was hard to avoid!

  2. What's even funnier to me are "Bicycle Glove" tans... odd holes in gloves that tan the skin... And bald headed guys that wear mesh ball caps... now, THAT'S a hoot when they take the cap off... not even taking into account that little rectangle at the back of the hat where you adjust the thing. HAH! You thought socks and sandals were funny! But, I should talk... I wear huge sunglasses so look like an owl after a day in the sun. Whatever...

  3. Hubby wears Keanes and he has tanned tiger stripes on his feet. Pretty funny when he's barefoot.

  4. So when you have paid the 11,90 then you feel obligated to order so you don't loose your money!!! Hey that's a good racket.......


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