Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More of the same.

Too late to bed and too early to rise as far as I’m concerned.  Not sure how T.C. manages,  since I’m feeling a little pooched today. 


Our guests did manage to sleep in a bit,  but they were out the door by noon time and are wandering about.  If walking is your thing,  all of Vienna is really and truly close at hand.  The weather has been hanging in today,  so they felt it was a good day to be outdoors.  The forecast for tomorrow is somewhat sketchy,  so they may hit a couple museums.  It’s hard to recommend just one or two.  Vienna can be a bit overwhelming on the museum/gravesite/historical building end of things.   We still haven’t seen it all,  and probably never will.

For us, it’s become just another city.  Sounds a bit pitiful I suppose,  but we have managed to get out and do more than the average “Wiener”.  No jokes please.

By the way,  I just did a Google search for an image to illustrate that little quip,  and discovered one of my own blog posts from a while back!  Awesome.

"You may already be a Wiener!"


Of course,  right along with every day city life,  there are those moments when those who like to push the limits of being “civilised”  might need a little talking to…


I was hoping that one came out.  Saw this on the way to pick up Travelling Companion yesterday afternoon.  You can only race down the highway so many times.  Once in a while the constabulary is going to take exception.  I only smirked.  I didn’t laugh out loud or stick out my tongue,  point over to him and go “neener neener!” 

Well,  I’m not really sure how to do that in German anyway.   Although,  it does indeed rhyme with “Wiener”.  Hm,  something to work on.


I really and truly didn’t do a heck of a lot today,  which was why I thought I’d at least motivate my lazy self to make a loaf of banana bread.  Just something to do.  And eat.  That’s usually a good combination.


Still too hot to cut into at that point.  I do get a little annoyed that I have to leave it in the oven until it’s a little too dark on the outside (to me, anyway) in order to have it be completely cooked on the inside.   Such “First World” problems!  Goodness!


We have to sort out our plans for the weekend in terms of our trip down to Slovenia when our guests get back later today.  We think we’ve come up with something.   It’s a matter of being in the right city at the right time.   When I know,  you’ll know.  Well,  maybe.  

There’s one restaurant that I like in Bled that’s closed on Mondays (the nerve!)  so that puts a kink in things.  There’s a chance that I might not get my way.  Logic might actually dictate our itinerary,  and we may end up eating somewhere else.   *Sad* (not) I know,  but entirely possible.


Oh,  almost forgot.   No word yet on the Flax Seed.  Methinks we need a mortar and pestle.  Why does that make me think of Danny Kaye?



I didn’t ask if the tea was fresh or not.  It was wrapped up sufficiently and hasn’t been around for that long,  so it must be fine.   It’s dried leaves that gets reanimated in hot water, so I would think it would keep for quite a long time.   I’d look it up if I so much as cared.  

You do that,  and report back.  I’m sure somebody wants to know.



Meanwhile, try not to nod off.



Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I have always that Kaye routine. My father would quote it regularly.

  2. I'm with you, don't ask what you really do not need to know!! Just go with the flow.... Or maybe of of that poison might be yours......

  3. naw i'm not looking it up if they didn't complain it must be still good...I've had tea thats been in the box for quite a few months and it always tasted good to me....enjoy your company...

  4. Mortar and pestle doesn't work, believe me, I tried. The seeds are so slippery, very hard to crushed propperly. Get a small used electrical coffee grinder (Tauschzentrale?). That does the trick here.
    Try to shout: Äääh-Bäää, Ääää-Bäää! Works for Germans and Norwegians! :))
    Your banana bread is still on our menu. The latest got a change: Banana, peanutbutter and honey. yummy too.


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