Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just a little more purging.

Not that we even have that much extra cr*p,  but the more I look,  the more I find. 



That used to be a camp chair.   I’m reasonably certain it got busted by the movers.  It probably got got shoved in with a bunch of stuff, and one of the legs came apart.   I had been meaning to give it the heave, but it was in the upstairs storage with a bunch of other stuff,  and was keeping a low profile.

By the way,  the one thing that we’ve learned over the last few years when it comes to having movers transport your “stuff”? 

If you want to ‘keep it’,  keep it at home.   At least that was our little rule.   For example,  not that it’s anything fancy or anything,  but we did not ship our dining room furniture.  Or any of the so easily breakable crystal ware and such.   I mean,  I’ve busted enough of Travelling Companion’s fancy wine glasses over the years,  I certainly wouldn’t want movers to pack up those things.    Besides, whenever we’re back home,  I want to have a place where we can sit down for a meal.  Our kitchen isn’t designed for that.

What tends to happen though is,  the stuff that’s really fragile gets wrapped up sufficiently, such that it does indeed make it to its destination intact,  whereas the things like that camp chair above get the gorilla treatment.  Quite often with less than ideal results.  There always seems to be some “shrinkage”.   It’s just “stuff”.  But it can be a little annoying.



Besides the chair,  there were some little bits of melamine and such left over from both the kitchen installation,  and from when I needed to make a small cabinet for some towel storage over the washing machine.

I guess you didn’t really need to see a picture of a dumpster.   Just ignore that one.


Oh what the heck,  I may as well take a picture of the towel storage thingy too.




In sharp contrast to the house that we rented in the Netherlands that not only had closets,  but an actual walk-in closet off the master bedroom,   the apartment here had NOTHING.   Hence the expenditure at IKEA, and then the example of “function over form”  that you see above.


And as anyone who has ever put together such a thing can tell you, there are always going to be little bits and pieces left over.   Just can’t throw those things out!   At some point though,  there comes a time.

So our little storage room upstairs is looking a bit better.   There is no “before” picture.  I’m sure you understand.


Yup,  that’s the big excitement for today.   Aren’t you glad you clicked on that link?

Travelling Companion is at work.  (yes, I know it’s Sunday)  It seems there was an issue with her computer a couple weeks back,  it got “fixed”  and returned to her,  but then proceeded to go south earlier this past week,  and didn’t really get totally sorted out at all.  That’s the abridged version.

She was on the phone yesterday with someone in the Company That Cannot Be Named,  and I have to say,  she’s a much cooler cookie than I could ever be.   I had to leave the room,  because I was getting agitated just listening to the conversation.   That’s all I can say about that,  even if I were to change to names to protect the “innocent”.  

I’m pretty sure I would have blown my lid,  but of course,  that’s why she’s doing that job,  and not me.

Maybe some day she’ll write her “Memoirs”,  although I suspect that,  with the exception of an anecdote here and there,  once a person leaves the “working world” behind, it’s just as well that it’s all forgotten.  

I know most of my work related stories have either to do with working with individuals with less than ideal personal hygiene,  or other things of a less than memorable if not repugnant nature.   Who needs to hear that stuff?


Let’s hope your weekend is just peachy keen,  wherever you may find yourself.

Keep that stick on the ice.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. Always some stories of the past that just hang around. But now on the Blog it is there in writing for all the world to read if they care. We could do some purging here in our house too.

  2. What happens if you set some of that "stuff " outside by the curb, does it suddenly find a home like in Mexico, or do the cops come after you for littering?

    1. Probably frowned on. I imagine the street sweepers would have to take it away. I suppose if I did such a thing and the cops saw it, they'd say something.
      I did put an electric appliance in the garbage room once for a time, nobody wanted it and it went into the dumpster.

  3. I am usually a bit more cool than Paul also. When I am on the phone is a sticky situation, he can be heard in the background grumbling something like...Just tell them to go to ----. (You fill in the blank.) AND every time I say to him...Dear if they go there how will I get my problem solved? He doesn't think that is very funny at all.

  4. Bill has this idea that when we bring something new into our RV that something of equal weight/size/substance has to go. When he does buy a new pair of shoes he throws out a pair. He'd love your purging program. On the other hand, when we still lived in a "real" house, he'd be the one who would pick up that broken chair of yours from the dumpster and go to great lengths to fix it.... then store it somewhere. Go figure.....

    1. Well, I think that's why I held onto that chair for as long as I did, as I had this goofy idea that I could somehow "fix" it. Just couldn't turf it out, but there was no fix possible either. So then it comes down to a decision that I should have made years ago. Sad.

  5. If In could master all the stuff, I would be a happy guy:)


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