Saturday, January 1, 2011

The fun of Home Ownership.

Even though Travelling Companion and I don't officially "live here"  (in Canada) we're the ones with the names on the deed.
What that actually means is,  there are things from time to time that need the attention of the proprietor.   Or the "proper iota",  if you're a fan of the goon show.

Let's not digress.

I may further explain at a later time,  but I think this photo should serve to point out the gist of my intentions.

Fun times.

I think you get it.

 We have one more family get together to head off to later this afternoon,  and then that will be that.   KLM flight 692 boards tomorrow afternoon at 17:45.   Between returning the somewhat less than stellar rental car and all that other pre-flight jazz,  I'm thinking we have to leave the house at around three or so.

Can't say we're too thrilled.

Happy New Year.



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