Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sometimes things happen.

That can make a person just want to spit.

So happens there were a couple choice words in there,  but they're not fit for print.

 Remember this image?

Maybe you don't.

Took me a while to find it,  since it was way back in the archives.  I probably should delete more photos,  but I don't.   Takes a lot of pics to fill up a half Terabyte of storage space on a  drive.

Even if you're not a big fan of beer,  there is something appealing about the colour and the faint logo.

I know I claim to have enough "stuff" in my life,  which is a true statement, but this particular glass was a sort of a "one of a kind" kind of thing.   It's now in the garbage in many,  many pieces.

 I've broken a few things here in Wienerland, and for the most part they were things that I didn't really give a rats tiny behind about.   Even when I broke an entire bottle of wine there last year some time.   That's another story.   Not going there.  I recall uttering a few choice words at the time then as well.   Difference was,  I just had to go back to the store and pick up a replacement.
And clean up a huge mess.   Not in that order.

 That's not a choice this time.

Anyway,  I guess I'm over it.   Just one of those stupid little decision that one tends to regret at the precise moment that it's made.  Like,  "Oh,  I should wash that and put it away,  but first I'll just do this...."     Then *crash*!   "argh! €@@##!!!.....!"


Other than that we're certainly having a better day here in Wienerland that what I see back in the Homeland.   Don't want to jinx it,  but we might not get any more of the "S" word for the rest of the winter.   Not the case back home.
Somehow I think it's starting to look a bit like this....

It didn't even look like this when we were home for Christmas.  I can handle a little snow at Christmas,  but then it can go away.
Oh,  and that big elm tree out front.  Not there any more....

 I didn't get around to taking a look at the snowblower either,  partly because I had the sneaking suspicion that it would take a wee bit more than a fresh spark plug and some fuel to make it go.  I'm just saying.  It's old and was looking pretty sad.   No pic.  Sorry.   I'm sure you don't mind.
I did find this image out there on the net.  It's actually rather amazing what you can find.  Just can't make it get any bigger if you click on it is all.   This one is very close,  but somewhat spiffier than the one back home.  Sad but true.

Yes,  ours is not as "spiffy" looking as this one.

Other than that I was behind the wheel of the BMW today for the first time since coming back.  Had to take Travelling Companion to the airport this morning for a 7:00 a.m. flight.   That meant revelry at 4:30.

What I live for.

 She sent me a note to let me know she was working in an office with a very nice view of Lac Lémans.   That would be in Switzerland for those of you who might be geographically challenged.
 Driving the BMW was a welcome change from the less than stellar rental vehicle we had when we were back in Canada. 
 Now I don't want to sound like some ingrate or a complete snob,  since the rental car was one that I had chosen specifically since we had one a couple years ago when we were home for my daughter's wedding.   At the time my impression was that it was a peppy little car that had tight feel to it.

 Not this time.

 It was the same model,  a Nissan Versa,  but I think we got the toothless hill-billy version?
  I somehow suspect it has something to do with that once upon a time unholy union between Nissan and Renault?

Just guessing.

 Anyway,  the difference was quite noticeable.  I had become quite used to the BMW,  and getting back into it was kind of like putting on a pair of favourite trousers.

Well,  somehow I can't quite imagine a pair of trousers having that much torque,  so my analogy is a little off I guess.

 Hm...."Trousers with Torque".   Sounds like a helluva marketing scheme.

 On that note,  I'll bid you adieu.



  1. I believe the glass in question was "liberated" from enemy forces at the Battle of Kelsey was it not?

  2. Well yes, but that's besides the point dammit!
    Also, that would make it EXCEEDINGLY difficult to acquire a new one.


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