Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Blogging.

Odd to think that "blogging"  has become a verb.  I can just imagine mentioning the word to someone like say,  my father? and then see the look on his face.  Blogging?  Somehow sounds like something to be done with a team of horses.  Sledding.  Logging.  Blogging.   So would that be logging those really BIG logs?

 Was I saying something?


 We're back in Wienerland.  Travelling Companion has to go to Switzerland already next week.  Just going back to Canada and coming back here is enough travelling for me for a while.  Quite enough for her too,  but she has no choice.
 The trip was perfectly fine,  in spite of the somewhat long layover in Schiphol.   You may recall that we went with KLM this time around.

 Having some extra space can make a world of difference on a long flight.

We might try Lufthansa for the next go.   We're pretty convinced we'd rather continue to avoid Austrian Airlines if at all possible.   There's even such a thing as "Economy Plus"  on KLM that looks like an option. 

We had a couple little surprises when we got back here.   It's always fun to get a couple Christmas cards waiting for us in the mail.  Received one from our former neighbours in the Netherlands.   Seems the folks who owned the house where we lived are going to move back in.
My guess is there were no takers on the sales front.  It was a cute looking house,  but needed some serious work and they were asking way too much money for the place.
In case you forgot what it looked like.

     The other little surprise was that the heat was still on "vacation mode" when we got here yesterday afternoon, so the place was a wee bit chilly.  By that I mean somewhere in the neighbourhood of 12°C.   Took forever to get the place warmed up again.  That will be the first and last time I do that.   Considering that this place is quite well insulated and was buttoned up the whole time,  there was no real need to put the thermostat on any kind of set back.
The next series of chores will involve setting up one of the new gadgets we got for Christmas.

The Goflex gismo.
 (click the link,  not the lame picture)

  Since we don't have access to cable,  we tend to watch a lot of movies and TV series.   This is presently being accomplished with an ageing laptop and an external hard drive.   The new gismo will avoid the use of a computer altogether and hooks directly to a TV.   Since laptops have a nasty habit of crashing at the most inconvenient times,  this is rather good insurance against that eventuality.

 So,  if I'm going to hook this thing up today,  I need to get at it soon.   The days are in fact getting longer but I'm not fooling myself that I'll have daylight much past five p.m.

I'll be back here when I think I have something to say.

 Keep it between the ditches.


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