Saturday, December 25, 2010

This and That.

The irony of the blog is that I don't have too danged much to talk about if I'm at home or travelling. 
That's just the way it goes.
 Currently Christmas day,  with the madness of present opening over with,  now waiting for the turkey to cook.
Of course,  we had turkey last night at one of my sister-in-laws in Guelph,  but for some reason that remains a dark mystery for the average man,  there has to be turkey once again on Christmas day.  I think there's even another bird somewhere in this house (kept in a refrigerated state)  that is going to get cooked later on.   I can eat a certain amount,  but after about the third bird,  I do get a little weary of turkey.  That's just me.
I probably need say,  a week between offerings?   That's about all.
The reality is,   with a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread,  I'm pretty much set for at least two meals a day.
Pretty sad,  I know.
 Apart from running the roads from time to time,  I've been farting around in my shop for the most part.   With no particular projects to deal with,  the "project" was mostly just sorting out all the drawers full of various highly necessary items (*ahem*)  that one tends to collect over the years.
Fine,  so there was a certain amount of junk in there that got tossed.
Where does some of it come from,  and what possessed me to keep some of it?

 Meanwhile,  I realised that I had a bare patch of wall that needed something,  and came up with a cabinet to house a few routers and router bits.

Now,  you're probably thinking that that's not much of a cabinet for the amount of time that passed after stepping off the plane a few days back.
First of all,   I have the attention span of a gnat,  which means there are many many distractions that get in the way,  and then secondly,  all the material that went into the thing was left over from some previous projects.  All part of the "cleaning up" process.
Not keen on simply turfing out cherry plywood.
The only slight consideration with using the "found" materials program,  is that I now don't have material for a door.
 It really should have a door.   I'd prefer that those routers stayed right where I put them.   Things had been so well hidden previously (in the mess) that I really didn't worry too much about things growing legs.  I'm a little worried now.   I'll sort it out.

Meanwhile,  my sister has just arrived from out of town,  so I'm pretty much done for this entry.
 See how it goes?   No time for this blogging foolishness.
 Haven't seen her in about half a year.   Best not to be rude.

Hope there's a Merry Christmas in your life today.

 By the way,  here's a picture of the previous project.   I like "built-ins"  and put this arrangement in our bedroom.   Not exactly Ikea.

There are actually many, many drawers down below.   With the way these things go though,  I only have about three of the twelve drawers. 
How does that work exactly?

Is that the subject of a whole other blog entry??

 Best not go there.


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