Monday, January 10, 2011

That was one week.

And we're almost back to some sort of normal sleep patterns.
Not sure what happened there,  and whether it had anything to do with the layover in Amsterdam and then getting in a bit later here to Wienerland when we arrived on Monday,  but neither Travelling Companion nor I have been able to sort out our sleeping habits.
I can tolerate waking up in the wee hours,  (once!) as long as that is followed by then going back to sleep.
Usually right away. Please.

 This past week that hasn't been the case.

 To makes matters worse,  we're pretty much at cross purposes when it comes to some means of getting back to sleep.
It might have something to do with taking a bit of yoga many,  many years ago (don't laugh)  but I can more or less calm myself down and convince myself to go back to sleep.
(Annoys the crap out of you know who)
Provided that is,  that I haven't done something retarded like have a cup of coffee any time after about five p.m.,  or done some other silly thing like flying half way around the globe.

The second proviso is that there is relative quiet....

This can be a problem. 
SOMEBODY,  needs to have the TV on to go to sleep.  I on the other hand,  find that the TV just annoys the crap out of me.
I must be too nosey or something,  since I begin to get way too interested in whatever is on,  and that just keeps me up.
 Even if it's the soothing voice of say David Attenborough all that's going to happen is that eventually I'm going to want to see just which monkeys he's referring to, since of course I need to know the difference between a monkey and an ape.
I mean,   doesn't everyone??
 (I actually wanted to say, "A gibbon and an ape",  but a gibbon IS an ape.   Bet you didn't know that.)

And this,  ladies and gentlemen is why we have more than one bedroom.   

Better to just slink off to another room, pillow in hand and focus on the insides of my eyelids.

Last night we actually slept through the night in the same bed!

Alert the media!

OK,  I did wake up briefly at around three,  but that's not that unusual.  Just some sort of "old man" thing.

The only possible reason that this is "blog worthy"  is that it took us a whole flippin' week to get this sorted out.  In the past we've been able to adjust within a day or two.

Other than that,  everything here in Wienerland is just peachy.  The weather is a bit gloomy but fairly mild.  The word is that it got quite warm while we were away and all the snow melted in the lower parts of the country.   Sad,  I know!   *snort*!
 Don't fret though,  there's still plenty of snow in the higher elevations for the winter types.  They're welcome to have at it.
 Lemme see,  what else?
 Oh, I tried my hand at making home made chicken soup.   The only observation from the critic was that I didn't use quite enough chicken.  Hey,  I bought one package.  I thought that was enough.
We still scarfed it down though, so I don't think it was anything less than fine.

And I suppose that's about it.

 Keep yer sticks on the ice.


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