Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunny is better.

Looking out over Wienerland.

I'm not reporting on the health of someone named "Sunny" either.   I'm just saying it's a heck of a sight more pleasant when the sun is out.
Can't complain.


Which makes for really not that much to say on the blog front.
We're just plodding along,  putting in the days.

Which is also why there's been pretty much a week's absence in these parts.   Nothing to bitch about.

 Not only that,  but the weather has been almost balmy,   with temps on the weekend reaching something in the neighbourhood of 12°C.   That's just crazy,  but it works for me.  Today we're struggling to get up to five,  but considering the lousy temperatures back in the homeland,  I'm not saying much.

 I was going to link to an article from a Toronto website,  but sometimes these links expire,   so I'll just quote a few lines.

"Toronto police say the woman, who suffered from dementia, was found frozen to death on the sidewalk near her home. She had gone outside in the middle of the night and was overcome by hypothermia. Neighbours reported hearing a woman's cries but did not realize someone was in distress."

Um...that's not good.

And might I add,  Nice freakin' neighbours!

  I realise that I might have a bit of the "Gladys Kravitz"  going on,  so I'm pretty sure if I heard one of my neighbours crying outside in the middle of the night I'd be able to get my lazy ass outta bed long enough to pull a curtain aside.  Honestly!

Picture doesn't get any bigger.  Sorry.

 They say that right before you freeze to death,  there's a feeling of euphoria, but I'm not really sure how you go about proving that one.

Now,  speaking of "in the middle of the night",   the scuttlebutt is that one of the apartments in the building was broken into on New Year's Eve. 
Seems that there's a certain amount of noise making going on on "Silvester Nacht",  which was a good cover for the dirty buggers who broke in a couple floors below.
Even though they are rather large,  the doors of all the apartments below us are made of wood,  through which drilling with a cordless tool is not that complicated it seems.   They only made off with some money and booze.   Might have something to do with drug addiction?   Just wondering.
 Getting into our place is not a worry,  since our front door has five bolts that go into the frame on the latch side (in addition to the latch,  by the way)  as well as an additional three bolts on the hinge side.
Not only that,  but the whole door is rabbeted around three sides to fit over the edge of the frame.

A rabbet,  in case you were wondering.

Freakin' Fort Knox.

 My bigger concern is the possibility of ever locking myself out,  since that would be a disaster. 
All of the older,  easier to break into doors below have deadbolts,  which means having to expressly lock the door behind you.   Not ours,  when it closes behind you,  it's locked.   Yer done!
There would be no "Easter Egg Hunt"  as my daughter puts it,   since the only other possible keys are with the landlord. I guess?   I'm sure.   Wouldn't there be?

 I hope to never find out.   The keys are right there next to the door,  after I pick them up I make sure I open my hand and LOOK AT THEM ever single time before I close the door behind me.   Kind of goofy I know,  but it's worked so far.

No stepping briefly out into the hallway to vacuum the tiny mat or any other such nonsense.

 I better stop talking about this,   since I'm liable to jinx it.

 Kind of like racing on a sail boat and someone pipes up and says something stupid like,  "Oh....looks like we're gonna win",  since that is the precise moment when the main halyard breaks and you come to a dead stop. 

You just don't say those things.

And if you come anywhere close,  you touch wood.   Silly,  yes?

Have a fine week.   (I'm guessing it'll be that long before you hear from me again)


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