Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Hangin' Out.

It's a fairly typical Friday here in Wienerland,  what with the usual chores and such.  I'm leaning towards the idea of putting up some sort of clothes line inside,  since I'm starting to get a little annoyed with hanging sheets to dry over the backs of chairs.  It's all fine and dandy to put the outside chairs to some good use,  but I could do without the hassle of unfolding and folding them up again.   And with the "dining room"  chairs,  there's always that slight issue of perhaps wanting to actually sit on one of them come supper time.
I put "dining room"  chairs in quotation marks,  since our "dining room"  set is a table and four chairs that I bought at Ikea in the Netherlands for a whopping €70.  The comfort level is pretty much on par with the price.  Meagre.
This is the main reason why I've shied away from scheduling three whole hours with German Teacher Dude,  since it's not the lively banter that's the problem,  but the rather sorry state that I find my ass starting to get to.

(And yes,  thanks for pointing out the poor grammar.  Bite me.)

There is a plan afoot to sew some cushions,  which may help considerably.
We found some cushy inserts last week in a store a few blocks away,  and I rifled through a couple storage boxes until we found some material.  Perhaps in a couple more weeks there will be cushions.   We'll see.
 Sewing isn't my deal.   It might have been way back when we had an old Bernina that could only be destroyed with armour piercing bullets, and which was already a little bit wonky and therefore couldn't be made any worse by me.
No,  the machine that Travelling Companion has these days is worth more than what I paid for my first car,  so I don't go near the thing.
Truth be told,  she was petrified to use it here in Europe,  even with a fancy schmancy 20 pound transformer,  so we bought a second machine when we were in the Netherlands that runs on either 220 or 110.

I don't go near it either.

I might be a little dim,  but I'm not that much of an idiot.

Speaking of idiots,  (time for your weekly segue)  I'm beginning to form the opinion that there are a number of villages in the countryside that are missing theirs.
There's a quite a flock of them here on Mariahilfer.   Some are looking for money,  some are gathering to discuss and solve the world's problems.   That kind of thing.
I'm sure there are many of their brethren in any large city on the planet.   Well,  except for those who have chosen the simpler village life. 
 Had one today approach me to sign up to sponsor a kid in some foreign land.  I've lumped him in with the idiots,  since I'm sure he was a well intentioned individual not stinking of beer or anything,  but approaching people on the side walk is just another form of begging as far as I'm concerned,  and he actually didn't get a word in edgewise.  I had already overheard parts of these conversations over the previous months,  (and months)  so I knew exactly why he was trying to put the bite on me.
I guess they figure people hoofing it down Mariahilfer are in some sort of generous mood?  How does that figure?
Have you seen my picture?  What about my demeanour would possibly give anyone the idea that I'd even be willing to take my hands out of my pockets,  let alone pull out some money too?


Don't get me wrong,  it's just a matter of perceived value.  I've been known to give quite generously (well,  for me anyway)  if I've at least received some sort of entertainment for my "street experience".   If you're a musician say,  and reasonably good with the ability to keep your instrument in tune then yes,  I just might part with a couple bucks.   Or a couple Euros,  as the case may be. 
However,  if you think getting dressed up in some whacky costume and standing perfectly still counts as a "talent" then no,  I'm afraid as far as I'm concerned,  that's just begging.  Don't care how much you spent on spray paint either.

And at this point I see it's time to toddle off down the street once again to see what I can rifle out of the frozen pizza section of the grocery store.

That would be the extent of my dinner plans.

Note previous reference to "dim".


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