Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Sheep Field, Part Deux.

...and there you go.

Now once again it looks to me like that picture is overexposed.
I can't seem to find anything in the camera menu that would tell me otherwise, but I haven't given up just yet.

This baling of the hay must have happened earlier this morning, but I heard nothing.

Of course, just as I'm really starting to delve into the whole functioning of the camera situation, I got tersely reminded that I needed to charge the battery.


Originally I was going to comment on an activity that I once again noticed going on across the street yesterday afternoon, but my attention was drawn to the bales of hay in the sheep field instead.


We're pretty much surrounded by widows in this neighbourhood, and the lady across the road is no exception. She lives by herself. Looks to be into her eighties, (just guessing) has a cleaning lady come in once a week, and a guy who cuts her grass. In addition to these visits, there's a gentleman who looks to be perhaps in his fifties (a son?) who comes by to see her just about every single day. He doesn't have a key, but maybe that's just a Dutch thing, where you don't get to keep a key after you've moved out. Don't know, but that concept seems like a good idea.
He either takes her shopping, to the Doctor's or just stops by to sort out little issues in the garden.
Oh, and now that I think on it, he did come by on Mother's Day with flowers. So she must be somebody's mother.

This was going to come under the heading of "It could be worse", since she has this charming way of lording over him as he's down on all fours digging in the dirt.

And yes, I wish I had a telephoto. So you'll just have to squint.

OK, maybe "lording" is a bit of a strong term, but I've seen her on at least one occasion pointing at shit with her cane. Not sure that would work for me.

Neither Gabe nor I have aging parents, and when I see this type of activity or hear of getting those phone calls at work from the nursing home, I do stop and think that it could always be worse. Both our mothers were considered to be real sweathearts, and died way too soon, so we can only speculate as to how life would have been in their later years.
If anything, I know my mother would be out there in the garden and you'd be hard pressed to get her to come in and sit down. She was just like that, but ....she certainly didn't live into her eighties.

So I guess we'll never really know.

much later....
I made an adjustment to the EV, but it still seems a tad overexposed.

...and....even later...

I think I like this one better. I had to step the ISO down by -2 (whatever the heck that means) and can only do this with the dial set at "p". Pretty sure that stands for "pain-in-the-you know what".
Although that one may look just a tad dark, at least now I have a clue as to how to get different results.
Besides it's Europe, it should look kind of dark and forboding. The clouds overhead do add a nice effect, don't they?

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