Thursday, June 4, 2009

Throw it out!

See, here's the thing. There are those of you who may already know, but my darling wife can be a bit of a well, perhaps "germaphobe" is a good word?

Not sure.

There are certain creatures on the planet that she's just not too keen on.
Bugs, mice, that kind of thing.
Btw, that made for some interesting times when we lived in Puerto Rico, now let me tell ya.

Now silly me, I do tend to forget these little snippets from time to time, so I never thought much about it when I mentioned that I had discovered the dried up, shrivelled up carcass of a mouse in one of the planters where we are attempting to grow some basil.

I think the underlying problem was, I had not at that point in my day actually consumed an entire cup of coffee.
Mental note: no talking before coffee.

Where was I?


Don't know how he/she/it got there, but maybe fell into the watering can and drowned? That's the only possibility I can think of.

So now I have the job of turfing out every last vestige of plant life that you see in the photo, since heaven forbid, there might be some trace of mouse cootie that has managed to work its way up into our "prize" basil.
I kid you not! There was even the mention of the word "plague" in this morning's diatribe.


I figure the poor bastards aren't going to survive the next three weeks anyway, but that's another story.

Too early for the countdown.

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