Friday, June 12, 2009

Counting the hours.

It's kind of like waiting for Santa to arrive actually. But I doubt very much if the morning will get here any quicker if I go to bed now.

Just got back from chatting briefly with our neighbours, since I asked them if they wouldn't mind putting out our two green garbage totes on Wednesday night. Of course, "would you like to see the puppies", is the first order of business. Who could say no? They've now been moved into the kitchen and have their eyes open.

So cute!

There's not much left to do. I've sorted through all the bits and pieces that need to go along. Done all the laundry I can find, charged up cameras etc.
Managed to find some Canadian money, (along with Swiss Francs and Danish Kroners) although I don't think we'll need too much when we get to Toronto, since we'll simply pick up a car and drive home. It's a slightly different story if taking an airport limo is on the agenda. Then you need to have at least eighty bucks.

We decided that we'd eat in tonight, since doing up some salmon on the BBQ isn't going to leave me with any extra fridge items. Besides, even though the food last night was really great, once a week eating out is just enough thanks.
I am however looking forward to some pizza from Burlington Pizza. Used to have that one on speed dial. Could just call when leaving the pub on a Friday night....

Ah...good times.

Now, speaking of Friday nights. It would seem that there will be many eyes glued to TV sets all over North America (well, pretty much north of the Mason-Dixon line anyway) watching game seven of the play-offs.

Hm...ya, well. We don't don't get that kind of thing here in Yurp.

Oh well.

I just happened to think of it though, as I took a sip from my Frank Mahovlich beer glass. Kind of a coincidence, don't ya think?
On the other hand, but bugging out of here tomorrow, I will be missing the 24 hrs at Le Mans.

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