Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Well that was March.

And it wasn’t all that pleasant,  weather wise. 

The snow cleared up,  so that’s one thing.  I somehow suspect there’s snow in other places, (like the Maritimes?) so I’d best not complain.

I’m muddling along on the cabinet end of things. 

Once in a while there’s other “stuff” that gets in the way.   There’s nobody with a gun to my head. 




I probably should hold off taking pictures until I’m completely done,  but who knows when that’s going to be?  This one seemed to take forever,  partly due to the nature of the components involved.  It’s “lit” inside,  and there’s no visible wires,  with the exception of the switched receptacle visible through the cut-out in the side.


Anyway, there’s no pull on the door,  since I haven’t bought them yet.  Thought I might do that today,  but that would have meant dropping Travelling Companion off at The Company that Cannot be Named this morning.  I didn’t bother. She took the Merc.  I’ll sort that out tomorrow. Or not.

While I was cutting the glass for the door,  I figured I’d put something right that I buggered up last week, or maybe the week before?  Don’t recall.

I got a little carried away on the vacuuming end of things,  and managed to knock down a little picture frame and bust the glass. 



This is a picture of the kids taken out in front of this very house.  That spruce tree is long gone,  but that’s a whole other story.  Something to do with racoons.


Note partial glass.


T.C. said not a word when I fessed up.  She’s pretty good at looking past my little mishaps.  It’s entirely likely that she’s been saving them up all these years. 

I think the part that annoyed me the most was that this little contraption had fallen onto the blanket chest.  That’s a sphincter clencher right there.   Didn’t leave a mark,  so that bullet was dodged.

Anyhoodle,  I turfed out the busted piece and cut a new one.


It’s a bit of a challenge getting really clean edges,  but any roughness is hardly noticeable.

Thankfully there’s Youtube,   and I was able to refresh my memory on the subject of glass cutting.  It’s been a while.

A heckova sight cheaper to cut one’s own glass that’s just hanging about out in the shed.   Mind you,  it has to be warmed up,  cleaned etc.  But that little job is done.  Any time I’ve taken items to a glass cutting/retail place,  it always seems to be the next day or longer before getting the little item back again.  And that right there is the number one reason why I decided to try and figure it out on my own once upon a time.  Plus,  sometimes free glass just happens to come along. As long as it’s not too old and has started to really sag,  it’s fine. 

See,  glass is a liquid,  but let’s not get off on a tangent here.


Of course, the only surface that I have available that’s truly flat happens to be the table saw, and I’m always challenged to not mark it up too badly. It’s cast iron,  and any moisture left on there is not a good thing.


One of these fine days I’ll get around to cleaning up and dressing the top again,  but it’s hard to do that if the thing is in use just about every day.

Exciting sh*t huh?


I’d best get back at it.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Well, the broken glass didn't damage the picture... that's good. Sometime a long time ago I remember using some little tool that had a wheel to kind of etch into the glass where you wanted it to break.... but I don't think I was very lucky getting it to do exactly as I wanted it to.

  2. Youtube has turned out to be a good repairs resource, especially for mechanically challenged. I've used it for RV repairs.

  3. Ah ha! Finally somebody else besides me that knows that glass is a liquid. People don't believe me. :c(

    1. Yup, which is why I had no huge desire to keep the old windows that I took out of the front of the house last summer. More than fifty years old.

    2. Oh and usually, "people", be dumb.

  4. Cutting glass is tricky but works fine as long as you follow a few simple rules.
    Projects are coming along just fine.


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