Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I get these ideas.

It’s been a few days once again.  Need more discipline on the blogging end of things I suppose.

Anyway,  one thing leads to another,  and before I know it,  I’ve pulled out the fridge.  It all started with what looked like one single filament of spider web that looked like it was taunting me from the ceiling.

“Now where did that come from?”

Well,  that needs to be vacuumed.  And if we’re hauling out the hose for the central vac, may as well go over the kitchen floor once more and,  since there wasn’t really all that much to speak of,  may as well haul out the fridge.

See how that happens? 

Now, admittedly it was a heckova sight cleaner than the last time I hauled it out,  which was shortly after we moved home from being away for nearly five years.  I remember hearing some of my former Caretaking Associates use the expression,  “The dust was an inch thick”,  which of course was an exaggeration. 

But not that time.

We won’t speak of it.  Pets are fun.  Just don’t look behind the fridge.



I think we can let the dirt pile up a little bit for at least a day or two.

I had to do the “once over” on Saturday,  since we had company coming,   then there was a “once over” again yesterday,  since it was the bi-weekly “professional cleaning”,  then we had company again today,  which really didn’t involve anything more than me having to run out and get provisions.  This was a couple co-workers from T.C.’s former employer.  Still referred to as The Company that Cannot be Named after all,  since she’s doing consulting work for them these days. 

Go ahead and roll your eyes.

Cuts into her sewing time, apparently.  Can’t speak to that.


Saturday’s evening meal involved firing up the Weber and slapping on some juicy tenderloin type steaks.  I kind of look upon eating steak in the same way that I view going to the Opera.  Go pricey or go home.  I can’t abide by chewing on sinewy, low grade meat, so there’s never really any time that I’d buy it.  Same with concert tickets.  Why sit up in the nosebleed section?

No pictures of the finished meal.  Too busy yakking. 


We did stop by the workplace of Daughter Number Two to pick up a few things.



I was there again this morning to pick up a couple awesome salads.  So nice to just walk in,  bag up a couple containers,  pays me money and be off again.  Oh and they had fresh bread too. 

Making any kind of salad isn’t really my number one love of things to do.  Don’t mind eating them, just not keen on making them.  I think I’ve complained about this in the past.  Perhaps not here,  but just for the record.  Not. My. Favourite. Thing.



Yesterday we made a little trip up to Guelph for a fitting.  See,  T.C. has been making a pair of pants for one of her sisters, and it helps to have the subject try them on at least once. 

She announced when we called to say we were on our way that she now had “three chairs”.  This is good.  There would be three of us.

She had allegedly “fixed” one of them,  but when I sat on it,  I realised that I’d need to measure my breathing, or I might just end up on the floor. 




So of course,  I ended up bringing the chair home.

Now,  as much as I’m a “pretty good beginner” on the woodworking end of things,  I’ve never really like working on or repairing chairs.  So there were no heroics.  I drilled out the “repairs”,  put it back together,  holding it all in place with a band clamp,  and threw in some three inch screws.  If it breaks again,  we’ll buy her some new chairs.

It sits level on the floor,  and that’s all I care about.

I think T.C. said she might go up to Guelph on Friday.  Not sure if I’ll be pressed into chauffeuring duties.   I have no qualms about staying home.



Oh oh!  Have to mention this.  Did you hear?  Ted Cruz is going to run for Prez!  Awesome!



Hey,  maybe Sarah (I can see Russia from my House) Palin will be his running mate?  That would also be truly awesome. 

Can I get a job on one of those late night shows? 

You know, I’d work for free.  There’s so much material there, any fool could come up with some zingers.



Do you know what’s behind your fridge??


Huh? Huh?


Sticks. Ice.  You know.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'd rather have good hamburger than mediocre steak.

    Sarah never said that by the way, Tina said it. Sarah said, in a different context you can see Russia from an Island in Alaska, which is true.
    She still isn't Presidential material, and I don't think Cruz is going anywhere either. Both parties have some bad choices thinking about running.

  2. Eh, comon now.... Cruz was born in Canada...

  3. Totally agree with you on the steak issue!!

  4. Well, when hockey runs out you will have US politics to keep you entertained while you eat your fabulous steaks. Yeah, me too on the steak thing. It is always so nice to have a person who cares about details around. Like under the refrigerator and fixing chairs. Such a gem you are, a smartalecky gem, but still a gem.

  5. Always something to do and yes steaks need to be very good to even think about them.
    Still lotsa stick on the ice here.


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