Friday, March 27, 2015

Cooking for one.

I prefer not to do it. 

Left to my own devices I’d probably eat sandwiches.  And maybe a pizza from time to time.  Bit of a sad reality check.

T.C. has left home.

No wait.   Let me rephrase that, she’s gone up to Guelph to hang with a sister.  That,  and deliver the slacks she made for another sister, along with the chair I “fixed”.  OK,  maybe it really is fixed.  We’ll see.  I wasn’t about to take any extraordinary measures when it came to an old chair.  Me and chairs don’t really get along in the repair department. At least that’s been my experience.

Anyhoodle,  she thought she’d go for a sleep-over.  I somehow suspect they won’t be up all night giggling over copies of Teen magazine,  or whatever it is teenagers do at sleep-overs.  I suppose these days with social media and smart phones,  it’s a whole different thing.  I imagine I’ll never really know.

So for posterity, and in case T.C. is checking,  yes I did cook some vegetables.  Or “vegetable”.

There’s photo evidence.


Is rice a vegetable?  At least the corn is.


It actually doesn’t look all that appetizing but trust me,  it was good.  I can east Swedish Meatballs at least two nights in a row.  No problem.

After that? Meh. Gets old.


Right along with that,  I thought I’d have a beer.  Not that that is any big deal,  but I discovered that I had actually bought beer that I don’t particularly like. 

I know!

Tasted suspiciously like a Belgian beer I tried once upon a time,  in Belgium, that also didn’t really work for me. Too…something.  Busy?  Strong?  Not sure.

Now don’t misunderstand, that doesn’t mean I didn’t drink the beer.  Gawd, that would be just outrageous.  It would have to be really,  really bad for me to actually pour it down the drain.  Maybe some sort of home made stuff,  or Coors Light or something.  Pardon me if you’re a Coors Light drinker, but that hardly qualifies as beer.  And, Coors Light would never make it to this house by any means of conveyance that I have any control over.  You’re welcome to bring your own, it’s not like I’d stop a person at the door and tell them to take their sorry beer and their sorry asses and hit the road. 

But I’d never buy it. Just saying.



I like to mix it up in the beer department,  and will often get an assortment.  I’ll be giving that one a pass the next time around.  And you know, that “Hefe” part should have been a clue.  That Belgian beer had a similar name.  Need to pay better attention.  I just did a search.  Didn’t find it. It’s a mystery. 

It was a “white beer” which means it’s made from wheat, and not hops.  I mostly like wheat beer. Go figure.


I’m beginning to ramble.  I’ll wander out to the shop a bit later and see if my stain has finally dried.  No worries about waking anyone up.  Try not to lock myself out.  That would be bad.


Here’s hoping it warms up some time before July.  It’s not looking great at the moment.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for passing through.


  1. I'm not fond of a dark heavy beer, I will drink light beer and even enjoy an occasional Coors Light, though I will not argue with you that it may not be real beer. I usually only down a beer after a hot day and maybe 9 holes of golf. My favorite is Miller High Life. OK, I'm not a connoisseur.

  2. Never met a beer I could not drink, some are better than others/ Then again its personal taste, Dinner looks yummy.
    Lotsa hockey sticks here in Whitby this weekend.


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