Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pardon my absence.

I guess I didn’t realise that there would be some sort of void in the blogosphere if I failed to check in from time to time.

Not dead yet.  In case you were wondering.


It was just a Wednesday.

I mentioned yesterday that it is indeed getting warmer,  although the bloody wind does seem to make it less than “ideal”. 

There’s an inside *thing* there.  I’ll explain some day.


Went off to breakfast with the “Breakfast Babes”,   where one of the attendees was presented with a quilt that was made for his Grand-daughter.

Yes,  I realise there a men in with the Breakfast Babes.  I didn’t come up with the term.



I didn’t ask ANYONE’s permission to post this.  It’s a picture of a picture.  It took them a few weeks.  And no, they didn’t use the restaurant. 

That would be weird.

Although, *thinks* getting served coffee while working on a quilt would be OK I suppose.




I managed to not notice the blazing sunlight coming in the window.  Oh well.



I did have a reason for mentioning the somewhat chilly temps,  since I happened to notice these young ladies this morning.

By the time I clued in to taking a quick pic,  they were a few paces away.  Click on the pic.  You’ll see.


Pyjama bottoms?   They looked like flannel,  but still.  Maybe she had ‘long johns’ underneath?  It was maybe three degrees above freezing.  Fahrenheit or Celsius, that’s not too friggin warm.

Silly Canadians.

Likely walking to Tim Horton’s. 

Actually,  I have no clue.  I’m making all this sh*t up.  Except for the pyjama bottoms.  Those are real.


I no sooner got home after making a couple stops after breakfast,  and T.C. was out the door for a lunch date. 

This then was the perfect chance to sort out a little dreaded job that I need to have done before putting in that first cabinet on the right. 

I prefer to work undisturbed.


It involved removing a duplex receptacle,  and putting a double switch in its place.




I only had to run one wire up inside the wall, which was the part that took the longest.  For anyone who has ever done this,  you know full well just how much fun it is.  I have my tricks though.

The string is actually my “safety” string that I hooked onto the wire after getting it close to its destination.  The string was strong enough to then pull the wire back up through.  Couldn’t get the fish tape to cooperate,  so I went with the old stand-by.  Coat hanger wire.

Never did figure out their goofy multi-purpose schematic/instructions.  Ended up hauling out a meter and checking for continuity across parts of the switch.  The idea is,  I want to be able to switch upper and lower lights from the one source.






Or lower.


Oh wait.  Guess I didn’t do a ‘lower’ by itself.  

That entire circuit is controlled from the switches by the door. 

Anyway,  that was a fun hour or so.  Loose definition of fun.

And yes,  I shut the power off.  The duplex right next to the switches is normally hot,  and there was no way I could work in that box and stay clear of it.  And the older I get,  the less enthusiastic I am about working on sh*t with the power still on.  I’ve only been mildly zapped a few times,  but the next time might just be the last time. Just sayin’.

The duplex receptacle below with the cow plugged in is now a split,  with one part constantly hot,  and the other switched.

The night lights are only there to test things.  And for demonstration purposes.  You knew that,  right?


So that was my exciting day. 


Hey,  just doing my part to avoid the void.


Keep your stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Fun little projects keeping you busy for sure.
    lotsa sticks on the ice here, right now !

  2. Haven't been to Walmart lately, have you? Pajama bottoms are quite a fashion statement there....

  3. Been zapped a few times but never let it bother me.
    Nearly 30 years ago almost bought the farm with 180 amps from a DC welding machine at work. Lucky a coworker saw what was happening and shut the machine off.
    Gives a new meaning to Lighting up Your Life.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. They say 'it's the amperage' and not the voltage that you have to look out for. I'm not so sure I'm keen on the voltage situation either.

  4. But Bob, if you zapped yourself with the power on, it certainly would have "lightened" up your day... :cD

  5. That sounds like some pretty fancy electrical work. I'm impressed. Shutting off the power is kind of a 'gotta' in my world. Looking forward to seeing the end of the project.


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