Sunday, March 8, 2015

And just like that.

It’s gone.


Not that there was anything wrong with that TV.  It was quite ‘cutting edge’ when we bought it,  (picture in picture,  and all that) but that was back in 1995.   I think that’s the date I saw on the back. 

Too late to check on that now.

And I mean,  it had FOUR video outputs!  Wowsers.

Or maybe it was inputs?


Didn’t matter.  These days we need things like HDMI,  Ethernet input, or Wi-Fi, otherwise,  it don’t do much.


Quite happy to look at that space for now.

I’m thinking there will be something to fill that void.  I’ve already started running cat 5 cable from the router,  so you may be able to guess what’ll go there.  Just have to get down on my hands and knees and get to it. 

Never a lot of fun.

I also suspect that the “Home theatre in a box” that we bought will need to be updated as well.  It’s from something like 2001.  Just got a lot of old stuff hanging around.  And it all (mostly) works. 


It’s a crazy thing when you post a message that you have something “for free”. 

Folks just seem to come out of the woodwork.  I did warn this fellow that,  if he were to show up alone,  I’d send him away.  And that probably explains why he didn’t show up until after four yesterday.  Probably had to round up a willing accomplice.

There was no way I was going to heft that damned thing.  Not only was the TV brutally heavy,  but there was absolutely no place to get a hold of it.

May as well have been trying to carry a rock up the stairs.

So he brought a burly friend,  but he really wasn’t all that burly himself.  I ended up putting a couple straps on to give them something to grab on to.   Oh,  and they show up in a mini-van,  that was already nearly full of “stuff”.  I think someone was moving.  Or something.  Or they were just pack rats.


When we got the thing down there back in the nineties,  we basically had come to realise that it would never come out again. 

Never say never.


Oh,  and speaking of being on hands and knees,  I got “phase one” off my little list yesterday.

See,  I have “issues” shall we say? with all that wasted space down at the floor where there’s normally a “kick” space.  So there will be drawers there instead.




After this it gets easier.

Or so I tell myself.  Just build more boxes. The drawer slides are all self closing/soft closing.  And,  rather awesome I must say.

One of my sisters-in-law couldn’t quite fathom the idea of building such things from scratch,  so it took a bit of explaining. 

There’s still one more little electrical issue that I’d like to first sort out,  so I’ll tackle that in short order.


Beautiful day here at the Pondersosa.  Not only sunny,  but actually ABOVE the freezing mark!  

Getting excited for spring,  let me tell ya!


That’s it for a few days.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Can you get that outside thermostat cranked way up cause we'll be heading home in 3 weeks & we don't need no cold weather snow nonsense going on!!.

  2. Televisions are one of those things that just keep getting better and cheaper. I doubt that you'll get 20 years out of the next one...

  3. Supposed to go up to plus seven today (Monday). Even if that prediction is off, it's all good.

  4. As we get older more and more jobs require getting down on our knees. Or maybe we just notice it more. We gave away our last monster TV as well, It would not fit through the door of the car that came for it.

  5. It is always hard to let go of perfectly good items just because of technology changes:)

  6. So did you send along the coat hanger antenna or hang on to it for old time's sake? :cD


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