Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just as greasy as I remember.


I mean,  it was fine and all, but I thought we had more or less decided to move on from the greasy pizza situation.  I thought we were having the left over chicken soup that I had made on Sunday,  but Travelling Companion had a hankering for some Pizza Hut pizza. 

You definitely need your fork and knife.  Gah.


Anyway,  thought I’d check in.

I haven’t even spent the copious amount of time I usually do checking other blogs.  Not that I’m in some sort of blogging funk,  but there hasn’t really been anything new and exciting.

The snow is melting. 


This is good.

Not as warm as I’d like,  but it’s March Break.  It can go either way.

I seem to recall those times when I’d be able to go out to the dumpster in my shirtsleeves.  But only briefly. 

So this is pretty average. 

Any temperatures above freezing are just fine with me when it comes right down to it.   We’ve had a cold February.

They’re STILL getting snow in the Maritimes,  so it’s all good in these here parts.

Just wanted to clarify that.

There are those who have flocked off for the break.  All the more power to ‘em.  I’ve never had any great hankerings for travel right around Spring Break time. 

First of all,  the weather anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line can be iffy,  so flying can be a crap shoot.  Unless you’re going to drive.  Drive to Florida for a week?  Well,  maybe when I was in my twenties. 

Not these days.




I’ve been kind of muddling along in the cabinet department.  This first one has a few things going on,  since I wanted to have it prewired for a small LED lamp,  as well as having access to a receptacle on the wall on the right hand side.  There’s a very good chance that some sort of music producing device may be housed in there. 

A stereo?  A wee man and a fiddle?

Probably best to go with the stereo.  That fiddle music can start to get ones nerves.



While I was waiting for the glue to cure on the drawer I had made for that cabinet above,  I started digging through the drill press cabinet,  and realised I never did put any finish on the fronts of the two little drawers that it holds.

I got the bottom out of the one, but I’ll be darned if I could get the other one out.  Must have been a bit sloppy with the glue.  I didn’t want to use anything more persuasive than my fingers,  since there was nothing to grab onto at the back anyway.  The little side cutters were for removing the common nails.  Just sayin;.


Not much else.

Went to a curling bonspiel on Saturday.  It was an enjoyable time,  although I really and truly suck at curling.  Just needed about…eight more games to get the hang of it.  

He says.

It ain’t easy. 

I think I’ll stick to watching it. 

Travelling Companion said something about lawn bowling.  Doesn’t involve ice.  Well,  except maybe the ice in the drinks.  We just might look into that.   It’s outdoors.  It’s sunny.  It’s a smooth surface.  Falling is optional.



Anyhoodle.  Hope all is well in whatever neck of the woods you find yourself.

Keep that stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Curling looks like fun.

    Oh, Pizza Hut Pizza is not real pizza. I suppose you can acquire a taste for it, but it is not pizza. Pizza is made in little restaurants by large sweaty men named Mario. If it is outside the NY tri-state area it is a pizza-like product.

  2. Good hearing from you again... I thought maybe you'd super-glued your fingers together. About the only curling I am personally acquainted with is when the stylist does my hair. Never could heft one of those big disc-like things. (actually I'd never even heard of them until a trip to Manitoba several years ago)

  3. With enough beer, Pizza Hut pizza is tolerable. Except, light beer.

  4. Glad to hear from you again, we are enjoying this warmer weather too, but much warmer would be much nicer.
    Greasy pizza not for me thanks.

  5. Good to hear from you again! The cowboy says, "Bob does great wood working!"

  6. You can go out in your shirtsleeves at anytime of the year. Nobody says you have to come back... :cD


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