Sunday, March 1, 2015

I’m here. And a mention of Mr. Dooley.

You know,  when you come in from the cold and say, “Mr. Dooley it’s cold out there”?  Which was something to be said for the entire month of February.  I won’t be missing it.

So, today we had a bit of a “heat wave”,  in that the temperature went up to the freezing mark, or close enough to it. 

Does that mean March will go “out like a Lion”?  

That would kinda suck.

I bite my tongue every time I say it,  but I’d sooner have the cold than the heaps, and I mean heaps of snow they’ve had up and down the Eastern Seaboard. 

I was chatting with my brother in the Annapolis Valley the other day,  and he said they can no longer see the cars going by on the road out in front of their place because the snow banks are so high.  AND,  he’s had to take the snow up the road a ways with his front end loader,  since he’s running out of places to put it. Presumably since the loader will only reach so high.  It’s even too deep for the horses,  so there goes that fun.



Speaking of which,  I’ve started in on my own version of “fun” here at the Ponderosa.  But this is a continuing saga,  so I’ll try not to belabour it too much.



It’s the usual.  Make boxes.  Then make drawers to fit.

I plug away.

And in typical fashion,  after the first “practise drawer”,  the rest went fairly easily. 

It’s been a while.  I got rusty.

I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a new camera. 

Don’t judge me.


I can still take pictures outside (mostly) with the Nikon using an “older” lens.  But the lens doesn’t talk to the camera,  and the camera doesn’t have the two semi-circle thingies that were part of the focus arrangement in the older models. 

Which means getting a subject in focus can be a challenge, since my “visual acuity” ain’t what it used to be.  I mostly have no clue how a picture will turn out.

And of course,  since the lens doesn’t talk to the camera, there’s no picture taking in low light either.



This was the sky we had the other day.  Just fabulous.  Freakishly cold of course.

Not sure what the answer is when it comes to the icicles.  I suppose it could be worse.  I’ve seen huge frozen waterfall type things on the sides of some places.  We don’t have that.  Thankfully.

Sucks though when it drips on your head.  Or comes crashing down. 

Good thing we moved the car that one time.


And that’s the extent of it.  Gripping sh*t huh?


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stoppin’ ‘round.


  1. Hang tight, winter will eventually end. I figure in about four months I'll be writing posts about how hot and humid South Carolina has become.

  2. I asked our almost 4 year old grandson how much snow they have in Wolfville and he said "a great - big - pile"!

  3. The heat wave is wonderful, almost gonna get my shorts out!

  4. Now we know you aren't stuck in a snowbank somewhere ;-) Fun? You make boxes... I knit.... whatever works.

  5. We need to re educate you on the meaning of "heat"... ;c)

  6. But will all the drawers fit all the boxes......? I know details, details ........

  7. You need to bring some of the snow to Oregon. And I would love some of those boxes with cupboards around them that you call drawers. So handy!


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