Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We havin’ pie fer supper??

To which I just get a blank look.

(meant to post this last night,  but I got sucked into watching football…)

I somehow suspect that means,  “No”.

Somebody was in a baking mood today (yesterday),  and I cleared out.

Well,  I had “stuff” to do it so happened. I can always come up with some “stuff” to do.  None of which merited a picture,  but I removed a couple well worn thresholds so I could sand them down and put on some fresh finish.  Figured I’d do that right along with the trim that I’m working on.  But that’s just so much drivel.


Let’s get back to the pie.



Two of them did end up in the freezer,  BUT wait, we did cut into one of them for dessert.   Mighty fine pie.  Rumour has it T.C. might bake a couple more tomorrow.  Or something.  I dunno.  I wasn’t paying attention.

And yes,  we did have pie later on, but supper was more along the lines of actual “supper”.

When the subject of doing things like making apple sauce and such came up last Friday at the “watering hole”,  (yes. there’s apple sauce)  I’ll paraphrase one of the comments that was overheard.

“But, you were a Corporate Executive.”  The part being understood that,  ‘why would you be making all this “home made” stuff’?   To which T.C. very succinctly replied, “Was.  Was, a Corporate Executive”.   I just might be making up that last part.  It gets hard to hear much of anything in that place some days. 

Now she’s transmogrified from Corporate Executive to something more along the lines of “Suzy Homemaker”.  Who the heck was Suzy Homemaker anyway? 

Oh, apparently,  a line of toys introduced in 1966.  And the term “Suzy Homemaker” wasn’t exactly an endearing one when it was applied to anyone who was a stay at home Mom. 

I’d best be careful.  We won’t be repeating that.


In other “news”,  I melted some toothbrushes.  I’m sure you care.

See,  we’ve had these three used toothbrushes in one of the little flip-out hidey holes in front of the kitchen sink (somewhat useless contraptions in my opinion),  and they were put there for cleaning in the nooks and crannies in the sink drains.

Never got used.

That’s mostly as they are meant for going into the mouth of a human,  and not much else. 

So I had an idea.

And a heat gun.


It’s plastic.  It bends.  They now kinda work.  Although, a toothbrush was never designed to be mashed into your teeth the way they need to be mashed into the stainless to get out the tea stains,  but at least they’re now (slighlty more) useful.  Otherwise, nearly impossible to clean the sink “basket”.

I think that’s called a “hack”.  Having nothing to do with a “Hakka”. 

Let’s not go down that rabbit hole. 

Sun’s shining.  There’s “stuff”.


I’m out.


Thanks for lookin’.


  1. Careful you might really enjoy having Suzy Homemaker around to do some cooking and baking like that. The only problem is that the proof often gathers around our waistlines.
    Using your imagination most anything can be transformed into multipurpose tools.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I do bake pies occasionally, but my favourite is a meat pie, that we will have for supper.
    Good idea with the toothbrushes.

  3. Hi, I am back. :) Be glad T.C. is turning out into Suzy Homemaker. Home made is way better than anything you can buy. No preservatives and funny ingredients either. Way to go T.C.! I did a lot of canning this fall. All fruit are for free, would end up rotting on the ground. What a shame! Apple sauce and apple butter. Blackberry jelly and jam. Wild raspberry jelly, Black currant jelly. Lately I found a pear tree with rock hard fruit on it. I took a chance and canned them. They turned out soft and sweet. Good to use for compote with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. We couldn't eat all the cherry tomatoes either. I harvested the last on October 26. They got pickled. - Will try the toothbrush bending trick because I need them exactly in these tricky places! Good idea.

  4. I got stuck on the pie subject. I can only say that I am in favor of pie-as often as possible:)


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