Monday, November 23, 2015

Quiet days.

Well, except for a little while there last Sunday when the neighbour fired up his pack-pack style leaf blower.  I appreciate the fact that he wants to get every last leaf,  but I also didn’t mind when he finally packed it in.  Barking dogs and leaf blowers seem to be the two things that just make me want to well, it’s probably a good thing there’s no ordinance in the house. 

I wouldn’t look good in an orange jumpsuit.


The days go by,  and I seem to find enough to occupy my time. 


This has been my latest obsession:



Doesn’t make a lot of sense,  I know.  But I had seen something “on the line”,  and then started to cogitate something similar. 

See, we used to have one of those “knife block” thingies.  Hated it.  First of all,  I don’t like sh*t on the counter. And sometimes they’re made in such a way that the knife actually goes down too far and comes in contact with the counter. 

Not bloody likely.

I think the one we had that came with the knives ended up in the fireplace.  Burnt real nice.   Hardwood and all,  y’know?

So the knives have always been in the drawer.  Not the best.

And then I saw this:



Well now.

Stole that off the net.  I suppose I can punt out that photo that I saved in a folder labeled “woodworking ideas”.  We’re past the “idea” stage.

Of course,  I don’t quite have a dedicated space for a whole whack of knives like that, however there’s just enough room in next to the “Lazy Susan”.

It took me a few days,  since there were a number of bits and pieces to sort out.

The result:


I couldn’t figure out if it should have some sort of handle,  and then stumbled on the idea of using the “steel” (that thing in the first slot) as the handle. 

I don’t think I’ll put any finish on it.  The top and sides are maple, and the body of the “drawer” is cherry plywood.  Had a chunk lying about.




In the meanwhile,  there was that TV that arrived a few days ago.  The stand for the old one was too small,  and too low.  I just now scanned back through the “archives” and realised I had started to come up with something on the 10th.  Seems to take me forever.


Anyhoodle,  it had to be long enough for the TV,  which meant I couldn’t really settle for a couple of those “handy panels” from the local big box store.  Wouldn’t be long enough. 


It had to be longer than four feet.  Something like 55 inches.  Yes I know, we’re all metric and everything.  But I still mostly use inches.  We’re bi-lingual up here.  I can use metric too,  if it suits me.

I put it up Saturday.


It’s mounted right to the studs.  Not going anywhere.

And then it took a bit of effort to install a couple contraptions.


The contraption there on the left is a somewhat antiquated Home Theatre system that is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Mind you,  it works fine.  It’s just that it’s something like 15 years old.  Only plays DVDs.  No Blue Ray.  No HDMI. 

Not making any prognostications.  Wouldn’t be prudent.  They have them on Amazon I see.  That’s all I’m sayin’.


And that kids,  is about it. 

Same old, same old here at the Ponderosa. 

Keep those sticks on the ice.  And thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thought I forgot about ya huh......Ya those hugely irritating ear splitting leaf blowers do me in too. Had a neighbor in Bayfield who had an obsession with his. He died last year. All's quiet on the western front now. If I had a stick I'd keep it on the ice but we don't got no ice down here in Arizony so I don't got no need for a stick. Nice knife stabber what ya got there...........

  2. I remember having to clean the yard up when we owned our home and don't miss it at all.
    Great job on the knife holder.
    I still use standard not metric when making my projects as well.
    Don't let Rod fool you he sees plenty of ice when he heads home in KC for Christmas.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. What nice woodworking! If I tried either of those projects it would probably end up looking like an ashtray. Just sayin'....

  4. Love the knife rack you keeping busy I see.
    No ice here either, that's just the way we like it.
    Hope we can make it all the way through the winter here this year.


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