Thursday, October 29, 2015

It’s been a bit blustery.

Not talking politics here either.  We’ve had a bit of a “blow”.   Not enough to cause any damage though,  although I think there was a bit of flooding here and there.  There were dire predictions.  I guess it mostly went around us.

Anyway, we’re muddling along here.

Had another couple visits to this place.


Oh, that’s Oakville Trafalgar Hospital.  Not that you could tell from the picture.

Nothing serious.  Had a “Bone density scan” on Friday,  and then a CT scan on Tuesday.  Was supposed to be on Monday,  but the machine was on the fritz.  I think they tried to call me,  but the Hospital comes up as “Private Caller”,  and those calls are blocked on our phone.  I’ve since unblocked it, (I think) but if I start getting too many phone solicitors using the “Private Caller” ruse,  I’ll just block it again.  Didn’t realise it until I checked,  but we have 28 different numbers that are blocked.  I just find it tends to discourage the annoying solicitors or worse,  the annoying robo calls that try to get through to ascertain whether or not anyone is home. 


Anyway,  had a young technician of Friday who was trying to find a vein.  OK so, I have this very naive/biased/old man type of idea that anyone named “Tiffany”,  shouldn’t be handling a needle.  After I was starting to turn into a pin cushion,  she gave up and asked “Daisy” if she’d do it.  Daisy was successful. 

And no,  I’m not kidding.  Her name was Daisy.  Who names their kid Daisy??

And I mean,  I could SEE the f**king vein,  but she was trying to be a hero.  Or something.  I don’t know.

I was nice.  Really.  I know that seems out of character.  But why would I be mean to someone who is about to poke me with a needle full of stuff that is being stored in a lead container?

So,  the whole “scanning” thing isn’t terribly serious, or at least that’s my take on it.  I’ve had this “pain” in my side off and on for a few years now,  and nobody seems to be able to pin it down.  Probably nothing.  Comes and goes.  The “serious” stuff is when I have to do that whole “prep” thing,  and then go in for the anal probe.  No aliens involved.  You know what I mean. 

I’m hoping to get maybe a two year reprieve after the last visit.  I mean,  c’mon!  

Shouldn’t complain. 

In another era,  I’d simply get cancer and croak.  So, I’ll shut up now.

Oh,  and the reason for the “finding a vein” thing?  Well,  I’ll be radioactive for a few months methinks.

No immediate plans of crossing the border into the States, thankfully.  Otherwise the alarm bells would be going off.  Or something.  I’ve heard stories.

You can read a bit about it here. 

For the return trip on Tuesday,  I requested that they put a lead collar around my neck.  I think I’d like to keep my thyroid functioning for a little while longer if possible.   Too many x-rays can’t be a good thing.



Couldn’t help but notice that our neighbour has decided to get their driveway paved.  Talk about parking your big assed trucks where nobody can actually get through!  Mind you,  they weren’t there long.

Wonder how long it’ll take for the paving crew to come back and finish it.  I’ve seen some driveways sit all freakin’ summer after they’ve done the prep.  “C Valley Paving”.  I wouldn’t hire them on a bet.



Um, lemme see.  Anything else? 


This is when you know you DON’T have too many clamps. 

I’m making up some trim for a window “stool” in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

A little tip,  the “sill” is on the outside,  the “stool” is on the inside.  Just sayin’.

It’s only been missing the trim for, oh I don’t know ten, fifteen years??  Just one of those little *things* that got left behind.  Decided a few days ago to get it sorted.

That’s it.  I’m empty.

Hope all is well,  where ever you find yourself.


Keep your stick on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Haven't turned the heat on and my feet are freezing. There's no ice outside but my feet are freezing. Looking forward to an early spring. We're staying home this year so hoping to miss all the white stuff.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I would have lost it with all that vein poking. I was radioactive when we crosses the border one year heading south. Some test after my accident, so they gave me a piece of paper to give the the order agent. He told me that bells and whistles would have gone off long before we got in speaking distance of him. Guess I wasn't so radioactive or I processed it fast.

  3. Nice to heard that you found a bit of time to make that stool.
    You are right can never have too many clamps.

  4. Gee, all the medical stuff is such a pain, isn't it! But as you said, you could just croak. So glad that isn't on the agenda at the moment. As winter commences and life slows down a bit, I need your witty humor to keep me smiling.


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