Friday, November 13, 2015

Losing my blogging mojo.

Or at least that what it feels like.  I mean, I could sit here every day and pound out a few words.  But then, you’d be bored,  and so would I.

My life (oh geez,  this is starting to sound serious) seems to revolve around either doing little projects,  or finishing off little projects that have been hanging over my head for well,  years?  Maybe decades.  And some of them maybe aren’t quite so “little”,  but let’s not digress.

That sounds pretty freakin’ sad,  but there was that whole European Vacation thing that took up about a five year span, when not too danged much took place on the project front.  

That’s my story anyway.

So hey,  I actually finished something! 


See the trim under that window?  Finally done. Only took me, I don’t know, 15 years?  Maybe?  It’s been so long,  I forget.  AND, I thought it would be oh so neato-keeno to make my own custom trim. 

What a fool.  What was I thinking??

Because,  you know, I get about half way through and think,  “Oh gawd…”


Just go to the Big Box store for dummies,  and buy some trim! 

But of course, most of it is “paint grade”,  unless you get the fancy schmancy oak stuff that I’ve installed here and there.  And that stuff isn’t available at the Big Box store for dummies,  by the way. 

Got to go to an actual Lumber Store for that stuff. 

And,  we have one right here in Burlington.  I go there, any chance I get.  Click the link.  It’s a bit of a huge operation,  (Hopefully you have the bandwidth to appreciate the rather elaborate website they’ve set up)  Their deal is mostly supplying premade trusses and such to new home builders.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t just go there and hang around.  That would be kinda creepy.  I didn’t see a “no loitering” sign, but I doubt they would need one.

Anyhoodle,  we have a bit of a new addition here at the Ponderosa.

And no, it’s not a puppy. *rolls his eyes*   Maybe, some day,  we’ll get a puppy.  We’ll alert the media.  Of course,  by the time I figure we could do with some animal companionship,  I’ll be too bloody old to take proper care of the poor thing. 

So if I really think about it, no puppy.  Thanks.

Not going to go there with the “Kids vs Pets” argument,  except to say that, at least at some point, Kids move out.

Pets just get old,  pee everywhere and ultimately croak.  Stinking up the place,  and then breaking your heart for good measure.  Then,  not only is your heart broken, but your place stinks of urine.  Lovely.


No, it’s the big assed TV that I’ve been wanting for the downstairs.  Of course,  the converter, or whatever you call it, is of the plain old variety,  and really should be “high def”. 

Meh. I’ll survive.


Now,  it’s not a “Smart” TV,  which doesn’t really bother me too much, as I’ll likely get something like a Roku media player.   The TV in the bedroom is a “smart” TV,  which means that T.C. can watch Netflix in bed.  AND,  any files that are on this computer can be viewed on the TV. That’s kinda cool.  Of course,  it’s the pinnacle of lazyness,  since I’d only need to copy the file onto the media player that we already have and play it through the TV that way. 


No pics of the actual TV just yet. 

I’m working on a bit of a cabinet thingy for it to sit on.


This was at the preliminary stages.  It’s coming along. 

I’ll probably assemble the thing some time this weekend. (this is after many days of staining, finishing, sanding etc.) 

You’ll recall that there was a big assed CRT TV down there that we bought back in the 90s,  and thought it was just the cat’s pyjamas,  until that whole “High Def” thing came along,  and then it was quite passé.  

So it went.  And then I put a smaller model down there (flat screen, of course!) for the time being,  but it just didn’t quite cut it.  24 inch?  Maybe?  Great little TV.  For a bedroom.  But even the one in our bedroom is a 42.  So it came out.

Stay tuned.  I’ll be sure and take a picture, or two.  Enjoy your weekend.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. Apparently as lot of us are feeling the same... (ho hum)... but... it's always good to know that old friends are still alive and kicking... or whatever the heck they're doing.

  2. Keep on posting nice to know you still there, Like Sharon says.
    We all have our ups and downs. But at east you still doing "Stuff":

  3. You know, unless you get a freaking rabbit, you can actually educate a puppy NOT to piss up your premises. Proud to say that Molly never did it a single time and that was from day one when she was just 12 weeks old. And you something else? A puppy will actually get you out of your cave a couple of times every day. And like I recently posted: The outdoors are a great mood booster. Seriously! (it will also give you tons of stuff to write about...hehe)

  4. Good pass on the puppy thing. Kids want one and then they grow up and move out, leaving you with the dog. Bee there, done that, won't do it again. Unless the dog is the kind that requires batteries, not food and water, and no walks in the rain. ;c)

  5. I would opt for another good vacation to cheer me up. Work projects would definitely have the opposite effect on me!


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