Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Bionic FLy.

Sounds like the title to a science fiction short story by Ray Bradbury.  But no,  it was just a fly, but I swear those things are beyond normal.  It was one of them big suckers.

How can you stay aloft that long and fly that fast?  And what are you doing in the house at this time of year?

And you know, my visual acuity ain’t much to rave about these days, so I’m not quite the “dead eye” I used to be with the fly swatter.

Man, that’s annoying.

No pictures of the fly by the way.  He’s slightly mangled.  It took some doing though.  Had to trap him (her? it?) in the office, close the door behind me so he couldn’t escape, and then try not to flail about too much with the fly swatter and possibly hurt myself.
There’s usually a way that I can hurt myself, but let’s not go there.

Anyhoodle.  In other “news”,  Travelling Companion and I did get to experience the most intense pine scented air freshener that I've ever had in the car with us.  Well, I've never had one of those “Pine Scented Air Fresheners” so it wasn't much of a contest actually.

Yes,  that’s our Christmas tree.  And yes,  it’s in the car.

And man!  Did that thing smell great!

No really!

It’s been a few years since we’ve gone out to cut down a tree,  mostly as; 1) The kids are long since grown up, and; 2) It got to be that the choice of trees was getting really bad. 
Like,  we’d be there for way too long, wandering from one sad looking thing to the next.  All the while,  cold and miserable.
So ultimately, I just figured it wasn’t worth the effort,  and would simply snag one from in front of one of the local retailers.
I mean, I paid for it and all.
I can’t run that fast.
Certainly not with a tree under my arm.

Photographic proof.

I was particularly pleased with myself, having remembered to bring along a piece of closed celled foam to kneel on. 

I ain’t no fool, that ground was cold and wet. 

There were nine of us altogether,  with only one token child.

One of the other “children” (also really an adult away at University) was getting a glimpse of the tree that was going to be at her home when she got back there.  The “kids” are all mostly finishing up their exams and coming home to roost.

“How about this one?”

Such is the internet age.

The tree’s not up yet, but that’ll likely happen before the end of the week.  Today was “cleaning lady” day,  so we figured we’d wait just one more day.

Once upon a time,  we’d only put the thing up on Christmas Eve, and take it down and punt it out after January sixth.  The Twelve Days of Christmas,  in case you’re wondering.
I think that all changed when we were home “for the Holidays” from out little side life in Puerto Rico,  and knew that we’d be taking it down on the 27th,  since we were all flying back to San Juan for New Years. 

Talk about mixed feelings.  On the one hand,  throwing out a perfectly good Christmas tree, but then on the other hand, “we’re heading back South! Yee-Haw!”  
These days,  I’d just as soon stay home.  Until of course,  about the dead of winter when it’s really rather bleak out.  But of course,  you may recall the plans we made for February.  It’s just simmering there in the back of my mind.

Not particularly looking forward to the flying part.  But those mai tais are awesome.  Never knew I liked them that much. 
Mind you,  the way the Loonie is dropping,  I’ll need to be drunk most of the time I’m thinking.
Again,  let’s not go there.

Oh and by the way,  I just discovered what many of you have come across in the last little while.

 "Live Writer" no longer talks to "Google".  Or something like that.  And that sucks.  Someone always comes along and decides to F**k something up.
Just my opinion on "progress".  Or maybe it's more like "greed".  Whatever. It sucks.

So I've been very painstakingly copying and pasting everything from Live Writer over here.  PITA.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. No live writer for me, not sure what the fuss is about.
    And no more real trees for us hard to find one here in the desert.

  2. This being our 15th (I think) Christmas on the road (homeless?) it's also our 15th year not having a Christmas tree... so I really loved seeing you out in the woods cutting down your tree... I could almost smell that pine aroma... that and the smell of oranges are Christmas to me.

  3. Glad to see you persevered with the Blogger/Live Writer thing Bob!

  4. The saying goes "If it isn't broke don't fix it". Apparently the people at Blogger never read that part of the handbook.
    Enjoy your family time for the season.
    Ours begins tomorrow with our son coming down from Welland and then not ending until the New Year. Won't miss that when we go Fulltime.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. It has been at least sixteen years since we had a real tree for Christmas. I have to admit, I do not miss it:)

  6. I have been doing quite well without Live Writer since out trip to Cuba where there was no (affordable) Internet and I used WLR to save all my posts until we got home. Now I hear OLR is having problems posting photos to Blogger and I am pre-occupied with the problem. Go figure! As if I have nothing better to do.


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