Monday, December 7, 2015

Watching in hi def.

And this isn’t a “ooh,  lookie what I got” post,  so much as a “sometimes I wonder” type of post.

Like,  sometimes I wonder if I’m a complete idiot.

I went on a while back about a TV that I bought, (my anniversary present, thank-you) and then the stand/support thingy that I built to hold it.  You might have noticed that I didn’t have too danged much to say after that?

Well,  that’s because I was somewhat disappointed with the picture.  Of course,  the “Home Theatre” system that I have down there is getting quite long in the tooth,  so it wasn’t really any means by which I was able to judge picture quality, and it wasn’t until I hooked up a Blue Ray player,  and it started playing a disc that was already in there, that I did one of those “deer in the headlight” moments when I saw the picture the way it should be. 

I have to say, pretty freakin’ awesome.

Then I figured there must be something wrong with my cable hook-up,  and was all set to run a new, higher quality run of cable to the digi-box.  Because the signal I was getting from our cable provider was dreadful.

Or so I thought.

Turns out,  I just needed to go hunting for the “High Def” channels.   Nothing wrong with the cable.



And no,  I don’t watch day time TV.  I had taken another photo during one of last nights games,  and it wasn’t what I had hoped for.  (it sucked)

Of course,  one of the games that I wanted to watch (Buffalo vs Houston) was on one of the regular channels, (go figure) but me watching the game doesn’t change the outcome.  

So here I’ve been watching this set for a few weeks by now, mostly on Sundays (NFL football, hello)  all the while thinking, “Man that picture sucks.” 


Just shaking my head here. 

At least I didn’t throw something at it.  But I did actually entertain thoughts of sending the thing back.  I mean, I went back over all the reviews of that particular TV set,  and there had been some that were less than stellar. AND, these weren’t the reviews I had found when I was doing my research.

I figured I had been duped.  

Not duped.  Just a dope.


So it’s all good.

Son-in-law even gave me an early Christmas present in the form of a little do jiggy that allows me to watch Netflix,  even though it isn’t a “smart” TV.   Sometimes the difference you pay in price for a smart TV is far more than what it would cost to simply add a device such as this set top TV box.  Not sure what else to call it.  There’s a bunch of them out there. Works nice.  It’s “android”,  so I may end up getting a little remote thingy,  or add an app to my tablet to make it easier to navigate.  No big deal.

Meanwhile,  Travelling Companion and I have to go out at some point and pick up some grout for the fireplace hearth.  I *think* we’ve decided on a colour,  but I never act unilaterally when it comes to these types of decisions.  We picked out the slate together,  and it’ll be the same for the grout. 

I might be a dope,  but I ain’t that dumb.




You can see my really “high tech” method of holding tiles in place until the mortar sets up.  Strips of wood and masking tape.  Seems to work.

I want to have this wrapped up before Christmas, (is that a pun?)  since “company’s coming”, and I just want one more thing off my plate.  I have to manufacture some trim that will go around it,  and then that’ll be it.

And now of course, I’ve been eyeing the firebox downstairs.  

That’s a whole other kettle of fish.  I might put in a wood burning stove/insert/thingy.  It’s presently a perfectly functional wood burning fireplace, but I’d really like to have something that’s more efficient. 

Time will tell.

Good thing I don’t mind doing this kind of stuff,  even though it sometimes (sometimes?) seems to take me forever.  I think if I had deadlines it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. 

Well,  that’s a loose definition of fun.


Thanks for stopping by.


Keep it between the ditches.


  1. We went from a 20 inch CRT tv to a 32 inch smart TV and wow there is a big difference for us. We have a shaw dish and lots hi def channels.
    Good luck with the grout.

  2. No tv here... but what I miss is my wood burning stove... and truth is, I miss that cat that liked to sleep behind it even more. Sooooo.... I have to read about these heart(h) warming things in blogs.

  3. If you have the time you are better off using lots of it so you know that you'll get the job (that sounds like work) done right the first time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Friend, I did the same under our stove. Kept the tiles together with a small home-made nice moulding which I nailed to the wooden floor with 2 small finishing nails on each side. Had the tiles glued to a cement board,THEN put grout between the tiles.

  5. Glad you got the TV figured out. They sure do make it complicated, don't they...what with all the different formats and options and everything!

  6. Glad you got the TV figured out. They sure do make it complicated, don't they...what with all the different formats and options and everything!

  7. I'm beginning to think you'll never get done with the house updates... :c)

  8. Once you get used to HD, it is hard to watch the old stuff:)


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