Saturday, November 1, 2014

Is it that weekend already?


Fall Time Change


Why are we still doing this?   Saskatchewan, Arizona and Hawaii seem to get along just fine without mucking about with their clocks every spring and fall, so I don’t get it.

But whatever.

I suppose the good part is,  I do methodically change the batteries in our smoke/CO detectors.  That’s a hidden benefit,  so I guess I’d best not complain.

Anyhoodle,   I’m starting to get a little tired (there’s a theme in there somewhere) of the whole “window prep” situation. 

I’m still at it.


These are the four “operators” that will go in the two big units that will sit in the big opening.

I did put in one more trapezoidal (I think that’s what it would be called?) unit the other day,  in time to punt out the old beat up thing. 

It’s the shape of that thing below.




No more window that’s an odd colour,  and has been chewed by bees.

Yes,  you read that correctly. 

The previous owner of this fine establishment (that would be my late father-in-law) decided at some point in time that he’d like to keep bees.  And yes, I ain’t makin’ that up either.  They made a helluva mess.   We won’t be keeping any bees.  Thanks.

Who keeps bees in the front of their house?  Really.


I did get a little reprieve the other day when I went over to Daughter Number Two’s place to install a new light fixture.   The plan was,  I was supposed to “school them”,  since they wanted to do it themselves.

Well, it took me less time to just change the darned thing than if I had tried to do a “play by play”.   There was a tutorial in there somewhere,  so they may attempt it on their own the next time. 

One of the joys of home ownership.


For me,  the most frustration part is getting those stupid little GU10 lamps in,  so I left that part up to Daughter Number One.  She didn’t mind.

Like this:


I stole that off the ‘net. 


I suppose that’s about it.  I’ll check in in a few days I suppose. 

Keep it between the ditches.

Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Look, we have to move the clocks because if we didn't...hmmm maybe we don't need to move them.

  2. I wouldn't mind the time change so much if each time we kept gaining an hour instead of that cursed springtime losing one. Or I could move to AZ... ;c)

  3. We be in Arizona soon si all will be good.

  4. I kind of like the changing of the clocks - most of ours change automatically now and after the first day I don't even notice it.

  5. I'm in Arizona, but had to move my clock two hours back in the middle of the month when I arrived from Kansas... So I guess I have already done that....... But it is kind of a nice thing not to have to mess with all the clocks in the house......EVER!


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