Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One last visit.

Before spring,  that is.


I really couldn’t get a photo of the boat we crew on,  since by 6:30 it was already way too dark.  That’s the one part of the onset of winter that I’m never too thrilled with.

We had a little pow-wow over a jug of beer,  only as an excuse to have a little pow-wow over a jug of beer.  Said “so long”,  until the spring.  Oh, and we were pretty much the only ones there.


Meanwhile,  the window work continues.

I had made arrangements with one of my nephews to be on hand if I needed any help installing a couple windows at his Mom’s place. 


That’s not him.  That’s one of his firefighter buddies who came to help seal off the top of the chimney.


This is Dan.  He was on hand last summer to help at our place when I went to install our huge front window.  He’s always willing to help,  so I try not to abuse his generosity.


Anyway,  the pictures can tell the story.  Those two are in and sealed up.

I went back this morning for a couple hours to patch the plaster on the inside that I messed up,  as well as put some caulking in the gap between the two frames and cut away the excess foam.  It’ll be a day or two before I have the trim sorted out.  All in due time.

When I went to install the first operator, something was definitely not right,  so I went home to take a look at one of the ones I installed last year.


Sure enough I had reversed one of the hinge type fittings. Well, there’s a “left” and a “right”.  I had them switched.

Easy fix.  Then it was all good.

I figured I’d take a stab at installing one of the trapezoidal windows here at home,  which of course meant having to treat it like any other woodworking project.


What I didn’t take into account was,  the sill onto which this window was supposed to fit,  was not exactly FLAT.  We had come up with the notion that putting on all the cedar cladding was something akin to trying to clad a car.  At this point in the life of the house, the cedar front has sagged just a tad.  It’s not really noticeable unless you get your eyeball right down next to what should be a flat surface.  Certainly not noticeable from the street.

At this point I have two of the six windows in.  I’ve started out with the most difficult ones,  and they haven’t exactly gone in like greased lightening.  I’ll spare you the details.

It was kinda fun using one of my Christmas presents (that power planer there),  but man does that thing make a mess!  Yoiks!

Other than those boring little bits, I got nothing.  The hope is to have everything done by the weekend.  These remaining windows aren’t temperature sensitive,  since “The Veranda” is an outdoor space.  

I still haven’t decided yet if I want to foam them all in place,  but I can’t really think of any reason why I’d want to take them out again. 

I might just wait until spring.


  1. Getting these things wrapped up before that nasty colder weather hits you is a good thing.

  2. A good way to say so long is with a jug of beer and crew. Probably should get those windows done before winter arrives. That would be a good thing.

  3. You sure are doing a great job with those windows. I hope you have time to sit down for a jug of beer with your helpers when it's finally all done.


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