Monday, November 10, 2014

One last thing.

So how was your Sunday?   Mine wasn’t too shabby.

Carpenter Dude came by in the fore noon and together we finished off installing the rest of the windows in the “Veranda”.




So that’s one more thing off my “list”.  

Trust me,  I don’t have a list.  It would be too overwhelming.

Carpenter Dude had offered to help install the windows once upon a time when we were doing the cedar cladding.  He just offered.  No charge.  Good for his resume he said.

He does pergolas and such,  so cladding a house with cedar was a different kind of creative outlet for him.  Happy to oblige.

You can check him out here.   I’m sure pictures of the house will show up on his site at some point in time.  I said he could take all the pics he wanted to.  It’s all good.


The installation took us just a little over a couple hours.  They’re all secured at the moment,  and I’m in the midst of foaming them all in place over the next day or so.  Have to be mindful of the temperature of course,  since the foam doesn’t like the cold too much.  No indication on the can as to how cold it can be,  only that the cold will “adversely affect” the foam. 

Well,  that’s pretty vague.  I find the cold adversely affects a number of things,  myself included.


And that one last thing? 

Not really the windows.

I put in a call to the Masonry company that rebuilt the chimney,  since there was a little finishing off that still needed to be done. 

One of those niggling little things that has to wait until the mortar has cured a bit,  but needed to be done before the weather turns nasty.

The lady on the phone said they hadn’t forgot,  but then lo and behold, by the late afternoon,  a truck mysteriously showed up out in front of the house.




The deal is,  rather than attempt to pour a cap in place,  they install precast concrete lintels,  and then come back and seal off the whole thing with tar.  Guaranteed not to leak.  Because you know,  getting water in your chimney is bad.

Let’s not go there.


But here’s the rub,  we now have a steel roof.  So,  getting on there with big ole construction boots isn’t such a great idea.

You can’t really see from the photos (‘cause I’m on the ground, hello)  but he’s working up there barefoot. 

I have it on good authority that it was a wee bit nippy. 

But hey,  I appreciated the willingness of the guy to not damage the roof.  You do what ‘cha gotta do.


Maybe a pair of “water shoes” would have helped?

water shoes

I’d be willing to bet that they’d offer pretty good grip, although I’m not sure I could do the individual toe thing

Can’t deal with anything between my toes.  Gah!


If I buy water shoes,  it’ll be for going in the water.  Not necessarily on the roof.  I think my roof climbing days may be over. 

I can only hope.



I guess that’s it.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your house is taking on a European look, like a Swiss chalet.

  2. Nice of carpenter dude to help out without charge. I hope you at least treated him to a cold brewski, he deserved it. ;c)

  3. Now you can get back to all those inside projects you been putting off all summer...... LOL...

  4. Looking good, very good, now your should almost be good to go for the cold weather coming up.

  5. A nice job getting all those windows fixed for the winter. Time to settle in the igloo now and take it easy.

  6. So how come you can't walk on a metal roof with boots? Is it a matter of scratching the paint & leading to rust? Or????


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