Friday, November 7, 2014

The week that was.

Are they going faster?  The days and weeks,  that is.  Used to be it took what seemed like forever for Christmas to arrive.  Then a few decades passed,  and now everything has sped up. 

I don’t think I’m alone in this.



The last of the roses.  And yes,  I cut them off and brought them in the house.  Normally I leave them,  but I figured I’d snip these two off.  Mind you, the stems are not very finger friendly.


Mostly all I remember from this week is going to Toronto for the afternoon on Wednesday.  Travelling Companion thought she’d see if her brain was still functioning and decided to take a tax course.  Most of which was accomplished online,  but the tale end of the course was a “case study” that took place in a building right downtown.   Not really one of my favourite places to be,  but I was pressed into service to drive. 

Story of my life.

She promised that that would be the last time I’d be pressed into service to drop her off someplace and then have to hang around for a few hours.  I’ve done this a few times,  trust me.

I mean,  I can rummage around in a few shops for a while,  but after an hour or so,  I’m done.  Thankfully the car was in a nice warm parking garage, so that’s where I ultimately ended up with a copy of the Globe and Mail. 


Unfortunately (at least in my opinion) the Toronto Landscape has devolved over the last few decades into a forest of rather nondescript highrises.  Everywhere you look,  there are either huge bank buildings or condos.  Just glad I don’t live there.

So any time I came across a building that was remotely interesting,  I took a picture.




Wait,  Beer Academy??  Oh, it’s a brewery.


This is pretty much what I came up with within the five block radius of King and York.  I’m sure there are more,  but I had no desire to doggedly go from street to street looking for a bit of character.

Such a contrast from Vienna,  where you’re hard pressed to find a building that’s NOT interesting.


In keeping with what is expected of a big city,  I did encounter a smattering of bums.  First ones I’ve seen since we moved home from Vienna.   Mind you,  we do have our own suburban version in our neighbourhood.


Had to go back to March to find that photo.

Lives a couple blocks from here.  In a house.  So I guess he’s a better class of bum?  We call him “Dan two cells”, ‘cause that’s an estimation of the number of functioning brain cells he has working for him. 

Long story.  Kinda sad. 

Don’t sniff glue kids!


Which brings me to why I want to replace my camera.

No, not the glue sniffing thing,  the picture thing.

We need to part company.  I think it’s starting to get tired.  Sometimes the lens doesn’t want to talk to the body,  so it won’t fire.  I tried to get a photo of this guy when he was outside the house.  Think the camera would work?  Nope.  I haven’t smashed it on the ground just yet, but I’ve had my moments.  If I unhook the lens and click it back in place, it might work.  I’m starting to get a little tired of that.

So some of my time on Wednesday was spent checking out a new camera.   I’m intrigued with the Canon G15.  (although,  by now there’s a “G16”) 



I’ve read good things about this camera.  One of my brothers-in-law has a “14”,  and it takes brilliant photos.



I suppose somewhere in the lengthy list of all the features each of these machines have,  there are some differences.  Not sure what they are at the moment.

Takes pretty awesome movies too,  as can be seen here.

So I went into Blacks.  I was a little taken aback by the price they were asking.  Started with a five.

Anyway, I still haven’t decided.  I’m terrible at that.

I suppose if I had some sort of unlimited budget, I’d simply have a bunch of cameras but then,  I’d still have to decide….like, which camera to take along that day.


Hope y’all have a fine weekend.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Spending some time at the Beer Academy might ease the pain of waiting. Anything that starts with a five is out of my budget.

  2. It's all because of that danged DST that time seems to be going faster. Don't like it getting dark before I've even finished breakfast... :c(

  3. Shopping for a new camera can be confusing and expensive, good luck.

  4. When we recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary I said the same thing, "where did all the years go?" I love my Canon SX30IS but it is a little bigger than the G series. And of course I think there is even a SX60IS out now.

  5. There are 4 brand new Canon G15's for sale on right now for $429. Here's the url: canon g15 on Amazon

    That's as good a price as I've seen anywhere.

  6. I'm terrible with cameras and picture taking. I'm better off painting pictures because then I have ultimate control.

  7. When we visited Toronto we only had a day, and it seemed rather charming. Of course, I hadn't seen Vienna back then either. Are there bums in Vienna?? I did see some rather amazing graffiti there, but I don't imagine the bums had anything to do with it.


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