Saturday, November 15, 2014

Decided today was the day.

I’ve been putting off a little chore for way too long,  and figured I’d better just do it.

Of course, it could have been just a wee bit warmer today,  and that wouldn’t have bothered me one bit, but it was fine.

Meanwhile, a couple other little tidbits.

Travelling Companion and I had to go to “class” on Thursday in light of her upcoming knee surgery.  I’m considered her “care giver”, so that meant I get roped into these things.  It was at Joseph Brant hospital.

Was there something in the marriage vows?  My memory’s a bit dim.  I remember that “until death do you part” business,  but I don’t remember the part where I had to sit through two painful hours of the worst dog and pony show I’ve ever had to witness in my life. 

Oh, just a sec.  Maybe it was that whole, “in sickness and in health” part?

But I think that’s a stretch.

Anyway, I know I muttered something about “Antiques Road Show” at one point,  when I saw the old TV, VCR and (oh my!) a DVD player that was going to be part of the “presentation”. 

That got a bit of a chuckle from the ladies in front of us. 

Other than that,  I tried my damnedest to keep my mouth shut.  For the sake of Travelling Companion.

So there was a nurse,  a pharmacist and a physio-therapy type person.

All three walked into a bar.

No wait,  that’s another story.

Never mind.

They proceeded to explain things to us that we could all see written down in front of us.  The only part that was of any use was measuring to see what size walker would be needed.  And that was at the very end.  Could have just blown in for that one,  and saved on parking fees.

I have to say that, towards the end I began to realise painfully, the real reason they felt the need to have one of these sessions is,  folks be stupid.

That’s all.  No more,  no less. 

There were a couple rather obvious examples in that room. 

I mean, when the professionals who are a part of this whole ordeal are there to offer their advise?  Take it.

Or better yet, shut up and take it! Gah!

You’re perfectly welcome to do whatever the hell you want, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily think it’s a good idea.  I really wanted to blurt out,  “Would ya just shut the f**k up,  so we can get this over with?”.

However,  in deference to T.C., I abstained.

That was my “inside voice”.  Sometimes there’s a whole bunch o’ yelling going on in there. 

Just saying.


So now we have as good an idea as to what is going to happen as we did Thursday morning, before the “class”.  The only difference is,  it cost me fifteen bucks in parking fees to find out that I already knew stuff.






Yes,  those are two random pictures,  having nothing to do with boredom at a hospital.

From time to time, Lee Valley Tools have a “free shipping” event. 

Well let me tell ya.  I do seem to have a few items sitting in my “wish list”,  just raring to go. Yup.

Plus,  for birthdays and such, there have been a few Lee Valley gift cards. Perfect gift for me. And perfect combination for ordering on line.  I rummage through a couple cards.  I punch in some numbers,  and Bob’s yer Uncle!

What amazed me was,  I ordered late Wednesday,  and the box arrived Friday.  Yiminy.

Anyway,  it was a moment of fun,  so I thought I’d mention it.  And the “honing guide”? 

Well,  I’ve been meaning to get one of those things for quite some time now.  I have to swallow my pride and admit that I kinda suck at sharpening.  It’s that simple. 

I can get a pretty good edge on a chisel or hand plane,  but it seems it never happens on the first go.  So I’ll see if this thing helps.

Can’t hurt.

And I also wanted to point out how they include a “return shipping label” in the package!  If you don’t like it,  you just send it back! There’s no back and forth.  No, “we have to issue you a special number” type of crap.  This is why (I think) they do so well.  Just my humble opinion.




And now you can see what the little chore was that I’ve been putting off.

The generator is now bolted to the pad. 

I didn’t realise that bolting it down was the thing to do, until the other day when I had a sparky type Dude come by to take a look,  and hopefully get back to me with a quote on installation.  He tells me they’re not that hard to steal. 

Really?   That sucker is heavy.  Like,  we’re talking over 400 hundred pounds.

But no,  it seems it’s doable.   Cut the juice.  Shut off the gas and cut that line.  Two bars,  four guys and a pick-up and it’s gone.

The thing that I had previously been fretting about was the clearance,  or lack thereof that I’d have next to those steps.


I think I’m pretty close there.




I really should have taken one last photo,  but it was just about dark when I was all done,  and I was thinking more along the lines of heading in for dinner.

The steps are back together,  and I’ll now see to installing a handrail.  I have no issues with not having a handrail,  but that’ll never fly. 

There’s “domestic tranquility” to be considered.


And on that note,  I’ll bid you all a Good Night.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Always good for a chuckle stopping in here...

  2. Always good for a chuckle stopping in here...

  3. Sounds like a blast at the hospital, glad it was you and not me.
    Yes be securing the generator for sure.

  4. Maybe you could convince those generator thieves to give up their life of crime and become TC's post surgery helper. You could supervise, of course... :cD


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